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1st annual Latin America affairs section poster award

from TOS

The following posters were selected as the ten best studies conducted in Latin América for their excellence in the science of obesity.
    115-PLeucine Supplementation in High-Fat Induced Insulin Resistant Rats Increased Adiposity and Lipogenesis on Subcutaneous Adipocytes (Francisco L. Torres-Leal, Ariclécio C. de Oliveira, Talita S. Farias, Patrícia Chimin, Andressa B. Lopes, Arnaldo H. de Souza, Rennan de Oliveira Caminhotto, Fabio Bessa Lima)

    138-PAction of Nicotinic Acid on Adiponectin and Leptin Production and Expression in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes Under Oxigen Deprivation (Renata Nakamichi, Erika Prates, Beata M. Quinto, Maria T. Zanela, Marcelo C. Batista)

    184-PAerobic Physical Training and Melatonin Acting Together Reduces Adiposity in Rats (André Ricardo G. Proença, Sandra Andreotti, Amanda Baron Campaña, Ariclécio C. de Oliveira, Rennan de Oliveira Caminhotto, Ana C. Silva, Fábio B. Lima)

    237-PMetabolic and Cardiovascular Effects of Genistein in Obese Female Rats With Hypoestrogenism. (Luis A. Lima, Karla González, Juventino Colado, Marbella Chavez, Guadalupe Bravo)

    238-PEffect of Lycopene Supplementation on Nox2 Gene Expression in Adipose, Cardiac and Hepatic Tissues from High-Fat Diet-Fed Rats (Renata A. Luvizotto, Andre F. Nascimento, Paula T. Presti, Natália C. Miranda, ÉriKa Imaizumi, Damiana T. Pierine, Camila Correa, Ana Lúcia A. Ferreira)

    245-PEffect of Hypercaloric, Coca-Cola and Fat-Rich Diets on Organ and Body Weight of Male Wistar Rats (Juventino Colado, Marbella Chavez, Patrick Mailloux, Luis A. Lima, Guadalupe Bravo)

    249-PShort-Term of Nutritional Overload Alters Metabolism-Related Gene Expression Profile in Hepatic Tissue of Wistar Rats (Andre F. Nascimento, Renata A. Luvizotto, Camila Correa, Aline O. Martins, Tamiris Oliveira, Cintia Miyake, Antonio Cicogna)

    290-PObesity Induced By High-Fat Diet Modifies Rat Hypothalamic Proteome (Regina L. Watanabe, Amanda P. Pedroso, Mônica M. Telles, Maria Claudina C. Andrade, Claudia O. Nascimento, Lila M. Oyama, Jose C. Rosa, Dulce E. Casarini, Eliane B. Ribeiro)

    546-PEvaluation of Anthropometric Measurements That Affects Respiratory Muscle Strength in Obese Women (Marcela C. Barbalho-Moulim, Gustavo P. Miguel, Eli Maria Pazzianotto-Forti, Dirceu Costa)

    781-PObesity and Total Cholesterol Are Predictors of Ultrasound Vascular Endothelial Abnormalities in Children (Arturo Herrera-Rosas, José Damián Carrillo Ruiz, Esther Ocharan, Ana Luisa Sesman Bernal, Joselín Hernández Ruíz, Juan Carlos Lopez-Alvarenga, Araceli Arellano-Plancarte)

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