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77 year old Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen proposition extended to 3 particles


In a 1935 Physical Review paper, Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen proposed a thought experiment that pondered what happens with two initially interacting systems are allowed to separate and not interact. Their conclusion was that there was some lingering interaction between the systems, encoded in some hidden variables, and that the wave function is an incomplete description of reality. Debate on the so-called 'EPR paradox' continues to this day. In work recently published in Nature Physics, physicists have extended the EPR experiment from two systems to three, and notably with continuous variables of those systems instead of discrete variables. To achieve this feat the researchers split a pump laser beam into two daughter beams, and then split one of the daughters. The total energy is conserved between the parent beam and the daughters. The emission times of the parents and daughters, which correspond to position, are also conserved. Thus energy and position, which are continuous variables, amongst the photons are correlated. This new demonstration will have several applications in quantum communications in addition to being a tool to further ponder the foundations of quantum mechanics. more

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