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Message from the President Beth Chapman

from PBUS

California Bail Agents Association Motion to Intervene!
On Tuesday November 1, 2016, the CBAA with PBUS' support filed its third motion to intervene into the Buffin case out of San Francisco.

CBAA and California bail agents have been in a standoff with Equal Justice Under the Law (EJUL) for the last 11 months. And for the last eleven months they have held the liberalist at bay with interveners and fights arguing the merits of this case. They were the last ones to enter the fight and the most likely to be defeated, laughed at and were the subject of many "arm chair quarter-backing" about whether it would work or not.

Did they spend too much money? Did they do any good? Did they get in too soon? Are they wasting our money? But here they are – the last men standing! Currently they are the ONLY thing standing between a liberal activist group, teamed up with the San Francisco Sheriff and City Attorney, to stop the elimination of bail in California – and all states in the 9th circuit! Very scary but unfortunately true! The reach of this group will be precedent setting for California and states under the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit consists of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals along with district and bankruptcy courts in the 15 federal judicial districts. That includes Western and Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Eastern, Northern, Central and Southern California, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii! That is us! We are in the fight of our lives! This is not a drill – we need all hands on deck and your full support. If you are not a member of PBUS or your state association, please join today! Your participation is critical and we need every bail agent contributing financially to this effort, no matter the amount.

If CBAA's motion to intervene is granted, which the likelihood is high that it will be, we in essence will be defending the Constitution of the United States head-to-head with EJUL. We believe we can win but the cost of this type of litigation could reach several hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, our efforts may finally yield a crushing blow to EJUL if we are successful in getting a constitutional ruling in our favor.

It is important to note that this critical effort is not the sole responsibility of California bail agents to carry to defend our industry. We do not have the luxury of thinking that "someone else will help!" We need every bail agent to step-up and help NOW! Our industry's very existence is being challenged and its extinction is likely if dramatic steps are not taken. Please get involved. Don't just rely on your surety companies, as they are giving and helping already as well. There are 15,000 bail agents across the country – it is time to stand-up and be counted by showing your physical and financial support to preserve surety bail and the right of the 8th Amendment! There is no other time like today.

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