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Current Forum topics being discussed include:

Director's Forum
HLA Laboratory Business Model
It is my understanding there are two (2) types of business/financial models for HLA Laboratories:

1. Subsidiary of Hospital or University (Independent) OR
2. Hospital or University based

Would you be able to outline the guidelines of both types of labs and their business plan and financial map?

If anyone has experience in either type, can you please share any information and your experience.

DP Antibody in Heart, TX
I have a patient on our heart waiting list that was on ECMO and has an RVAD and LAVD implanted. He is very highly sensitized with a Bw4 antibody, additional B unacceptables, DR, DQ and DP antibodies. Our big concern is with his DP antibodies. He is DPB1*04:01 homozygous with antibodies >10,000 to almost all other DP antigens. We have done several surrogate crossmatches and they have all been B cell positive with anyone that is not 04:01 homozygous.

Does anyone have experience performing heart transplants across DP positive crossmatches? Did the patients have any issues post transplant? I know some have done kidney transplants with some success, but I have not seen any data about hearts.

SAB Testing
I am interested in polling forum members to see how many labs use either EDTA treatment of serum or use a dilution (not endpoint titer) to address interferences such as prozoning for SAB testing. Please respond with any of the following:

No pretreatment




I will share my findings when complete.

Contacting Patients for Serum Specimens
Our lab is getting pressure (led by the renal transplant coordinators) to be responsible for contacting patients who have not had their samples submitted for monthly antibody testing. I am curious whether some labs do this, rather than insisting that the coordinators, who already know the patients, be the contact persons. I feel that it is not the lab's responsibility.

Technologist Forum
What current challenges are you facing as a technologist?

Member Forum
How did you get started in HLA?


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