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DR. ENGLISH: Talkin' about My Generation

from GBA

Most major dictionaries and style guides decree that one should write silent generation, baby-boom generation, and millennial generation as just shown; all lower case, unless there’s another reason to capitalize them, as in a title. Those same major dictionaries and style guides also state that Generation X and Generation Xers should be capitalized. As far as Dr. English is concerned, that guidance is completely screwy, overly complicates an already complex language, and should be ignored. If we can have the Iron Age and Progressive Era, both of which are proper names (not proper nouns) that merit initial caps; if Generation X is treated as a proper name, the Dr. English playbook says it's Silent Generation (Veterans), Baby-Boom Generation (Baby Boomers), and Millennial Generation (Millennials). People who write dictionaries and style guides need to get out more.

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