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IFA Pilot Quiz — Flight basics

from I Fly America

We all learn the basics of flight early. These sometimes become so automatic that we do them without thought. But, it's good to bring them to mind. Try these questions. Information is from the FAA, but times, aircraft models, and conditions change. Listen to your instructor, aircraft demonstrator, or examiner if their responses differ. IFA is not responsible for any differences. Fly safely.

1. Night flying usually requires switching attention from outside the aircraft to the instrument panel. This should be done before losing outside references. When would this usually be?
    a. Immediately after takeoff
    b. When seeing the last set of runway lights
    c. After establishing straight takeoff run
2. When one flap deploys or retracts while the other remains in position, there will be a roll toward the wing with least flap deflection. What is this split-flap situation countered with?
    a. Opposite aileron
    b. Opposite rudder
    c. Opposite aileron and rudder
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