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Message from the President Beth Chapman

from PBUS

Dear members and colleagues,

I am going to describe a scene to you which I would like for you to imagine in great detail in your mind. Really put yourself into this place as I promise it will be an enjoyable experience if you do. It is 7 o'clock in the morning. A time when the hustle of life has yet begun to draw from you your time and when the distractions of this world have yet to pull you from the attention towards God's glorious creation. You are on a bare patio of crafted cool earth tone tiles lightly at an incline from a white sand beach overlooking a portion of a beautiful blue ocean scene. The sun is barely cresting the deep aqua curvature of the earth intersection the dark blue post dark sky of early morning. Pinkish yellow rays of sunshine are illuminating puffy clouds turning the usually white as cotton ball formations into fluffy canvases of pastels as if a grand painter had manipulated them only to enhance the beauty of natural colors created by the prism of the sun's rays. They strike the brilliant blue of the water only highlighting the slight white caps of the waves as they rush the land as a long-lost lover crashing into the arms of her heart’s desire. The sound like a low applause of a thousand friends celebrating the beautiful union. You are surrounded by hundreds of stephanotis, plumeria, and yellow ginger flowers adding to the slightly salty breeze and air of sweetness encompassing your strongest of the 5 senses. In your mind you cannot decide if the scent or the sight of the flowers is the greater gift of God. You lounge in your padded beach chair with your body and mind submerged in a 72-degree weather, low humidity, and expertly balanced barometric environment. All of your senses saturated in perfection. This leads your relaxed, destressed mind to conclude that you are in what can only be described as an ultimate paradise. One which cannot be achieved by the ingenuity and imagination of man but only by the perfect omnipotent hand of the almighty God of our universe. This, my friends, is what I wake up to everyday in my homeland of Hawaii. And, as much as Duane and I love Texas, they are only few things which can tear me from my island paradise. However, one of those things is being with you. My friends, my colleagues, my fellow brothers and sisters in arms, and my fellow laborers in this industry which we all love. I consider it a great pleasure and a deep honor to be your President.

Never before has our industry seen the veracity of the attacks which we are currently experiencing. Our enemies are on all fronts. legislatively by introduction of adverse bills to the bail bonding industry. Judicially by the filling of law suits seeking to ban a successful practice which has served our country properly since its inception. They are fighting us through the executive by recruiting Governors who are pushing the unwise policies of non-monetary release. We are even battling a public relations campaign which is using pop culture icons and civil rights groups to discredit the important work we do and the service we provide to the criminal justice system. our enemies are organized, well-funded, coordinated, and of a singularity of purpose no matter how misleading, misguided, dangerous and disastrous that purpose is to innocent law-abiding citizens.

We know the righteousness of our cause. We do not just fight for the protection of our livelihood and our industry, but we stand for accountability in our justice system. We stand for a system which is the most cost and performance effective system compared to any other system attempted. And, ultimately and most importantly we stand for the protection and safety of innocent law-abiding citizens.

However, as righteous as our cause is, our greatest weakness is and will be division within our ranks. Whether you are a Christian or not biblical principles which deal with this topic of division are more

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