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Volunteer needed: Publication series editor/coordinator, Geology of the Cities of the World

from AEG

The purpose of the Geology of the Cities of the World series is to convey to practitioners, graduate students, university faculty, planners, engineers, developers and government officials background information useful for discovering and highlighting geological issues unique to a city, and often the surrounding metropolitan area.

The primary expectations, requirements and suggestions of the Geology of the Cities of the World (C.O.W.) project editor/coordinator are:

To recruit papers and work with authors to recruit peer reviewers for cities around the world so that the papers can be used as a basic reference for practitioners, local and state officials, and others who are new to the area or just becoming more familiar with a particular city. This involves reaching out to potential lead authors and assessing their overall plan for developing a paper with a general overview of the area and discussion of geologic issues/history in in the area within or adjacent to the cities being written about. Each paper represents a team effort and being able to work with a team and help them focus on an objective and execute their plan to complete the paper are key to being a successful project Editor/Coordinator.

Most of the papers will be too long to be considered for inclusion in the EEG Geoscience publication. In some cases, the length of the paper may justify publication as a book. Knowledge of the publication process, including procurement of funding, would be beneficial. However, there are resources within AEG and GSA that can assist you. Although this series has lagged a bit in popularity in the United States at the beginning of the millennium, there is a great deal of interest internationally for these papers and an interest in working with C.O.W.'s outside the United States is desirable.

For some tasks the Editor/Coordinator and Lead Author should have similar expectations, requirements and suggestions. They include having some experience in getting published in peer reviewed journals or books and:
  • Have a keen sense of curiosity about the geology of urban areas of the world without overpowering the authors.
  • Good people skills
  • Good project management skills, including:
    • Time management: The time commitment can vary greatly depending how much time and support each author needs to help him or her reach their target goals and complete their paper in accordance with AEG (series editor guidelines?
    • Organizational skills: It is up to the Editor/Coordinator to try to keep the publications moving forward through completion. I recommend using an excel spread sheet to help with this.
    • Ability to delegate: It is particularly helpful for the Editor/Coordinator have a coeditor/coordinator that works well with the Editor Coordinator. This will be useful in helping the publications keep should while the Editor/Coordinator gets distracted or ill.
    • Resourcefulness: It is the responsibility of the Editor/Coordinator and lead authors for identify peer reviewers and to make sure that they stay on topic and on time.
    • Accountability: The Editor/Coordinator should periodically let the AEG vice president know that is going on with the program on say a semiannual basis.
    • Work/life balance: Do not have too many papers in play at one time. Most papers drift off their time schedule. However, if you have too many going through a major review by you and the peer reviewers at once, you risk burn out. This should be avoided.
  • The Editor/Coordinator and Lead Author candidates should have written/co-written a paper similar in scope to a C.O.W. paper. This will help him/her understand the level of effort generally required by the authors as well as the project editor/coordinator.
    It is not the Editor/Coordinator's job to write or rewrite a Geology of the Cities of the World paper unless he/she is the lead author on the paper. One of the strengths of the paper is that it more

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