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Mark your calendar for the ACS Career Fair at the ACS National Meeting — March 27 to 30, Anaheim, CA
Finding the right job is challenging, but even more so in the current job market. That's why the ACS Career Fair offers so much value if you're searching for a job. At the fair you'll be able to interview and network with employers, as well as meet with a personal career consultant who will help you plan your job search, improve your resume, practice interview skills, and more. Free workshops also will be available, providing valuable tips and direction on finding the right job for you. If you are a recruiter or employer, please visit
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Strategies to Find a Job in Small Business
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ACS Webinar: Careers Jobs Club Series
Time/date: 2 to 3 p.m. EDT Jan. 11

Guest speaker: John Borchardt is a Ph.D. chemist who has been an ACS career consultant for 15 years. He is the author of the ACS/Oxford University Press Book "Career Management for Scientists and Engineers."

Small companies have traditionally been the main providers of new jobs in the American economy. For the last several years approximately half of all new chemistry graduates have been hired by small firms, those with less than 500 employees. Small firms have also been hiring seasoned chemical professionals, particularly those with big company experience. In today's highly competitive job market, job hunters cannot afford to look for jobs with small companies. However, they'll have to alter their job hunting techniques to identify potential employers and employment opportunities.

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Fermion - your expert for Camptothecin chemistry

Fermion developed a versatile synthesis protocol that gives access to a variety of Camptothecin derivatives – and the entire process is fully synthetic! Robust, reliable processes are available on both lab and commercial scales. Validated processes and DMF’s are in place for the US, EU and Japan. Informex booth 1775, Hall C

Persuasion: A Crash Course for Scientists and Chemical Professionals
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ACS Webinars: Professional Growth & Development Series
Time/date: 2 to 3 p.m. EDT Jan. 13

Guest speaker: Lou Hampton is president of The Hampton Group, Inc., a communication consulting firm helping clients to Be confident. Be convincing. Be Memorable: Get Results!

It's all about RESULTS. Do you know how to use persuasion to get the results you're looking for? Whether you're making a formal presentation to management or discussing data with a co-worker, you need to know the "science" of persuasion to be effective.

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Delaying your retirement
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Do you want or need to delay your retirement? You are not alone. Many baby boomers are delaying their retirement. One-third plan to retire after age 65 according to an Employment Benefit Research Institute survey. In another recent survey of more than 2,200 U.S. workers by consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide, 44 percent of respondents ages 50 or older said they plan to postpone retirement; half of those say they plan to work at least three years longer than they previously expected. However, at the same time companies continue to have layoffs. How can you remain employed even past the conventional retirement age of 65 even if your company reduces staff? More

Need Equipment?

EquipNet helps companies identify, evaluate, track, redeploy, and sell their surplus manufacturing equipment. Visit our online MarketPlace at

Creating your custom resume
San Francisco Chronicle    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
By now, we all know the golden rule of resumes — one page not including the cover letter. The only problem with only giving one white page is that it doesn't take into account that some industries may need more than just a single page for a resume or require actual work products that they can see. So what are some of the different resumes out there? More

Hielscher's UIP1000hd for High Power Ultrasonication

The UIP1000hd is a 1000 watts powerful and adaptable ultrasonic device - perfect for lab testing, pilot scale and industrial processing of liquids. It is used for applications in the batch and continuous flow-through, e.g. for emulsifying, homogenizing, dispersing & particle fine milling, lysis & extraction or sono-chemistry.

Linda E. Laufer: Advice to help with nervousness about networking    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Q: I am a recent graduate, and I still am seeking an entry-level position. In my job search, I have had no luck with mailings and answering ads. Networking hasn't worked out well either. I've sent e-mails to alumni awhile ago, but no one has followed up with me. Plus, when I go to events, I feel overwhelmed, especially in big crowds. I don't know where to start and, anyway, approaching people makes me uncomfortable. I feel especially awkward asking someone about jobs. What do you suggest?
A: Your networking concerns are shared by many job seekers. The issues divide into two categories: how to reach out to individuals through e-mail or telephone calls and how to connect with individuals at events.

Ready....Set.....Go with Kimble Chase!

Kimble Chase, the largest manufacturer of laboratory glassware products worldwide, offers Starter Packs for labs that are just starting out, or for labs that stock items only according to their needs. Starter Packs are available for Erlenmeyer flasks, graduated cylinders and Griffin beakers, in just the right assortment of sizes.

Wendy Terwelp: Networking by any other name
The Washington Post    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Q: Everyone tells me that networking is the best way to land a new job. I have all these holiday parties coming up, so I thought I could use them as a networking opportunity. The bad news is that I have a terrible time remembering names. What can I do?
A: First, you're not alone, especially at holiday parties when there are so many people around. What's in a name? It's the one word that's music to your listener's ears. If you're great with faces but have a tough time remembering names, then remember the following three tips excerpted from my book, "Rock Your Network® for Job Seekers."


What to do when job searching takes longer than expected
Woodstock Sentinel Review    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Even the most talented, educated and experienced job seekers may have a difficult time finding a job in today's economy. Although people may hope their transition between jobs will last only a few weeks, the reality is that many job seekers spend months — or even a year — trying to secure work. This delay can wreak havoc on a job seeker's confidence, motivation and sense of pride — all of which are characteristics critical to achieving success in the job market. Jean Baur, author of the recently released book "Eliminated! Now What?: Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience," says one of the best things people can do when they begin to feel stuck in their search is evaluate which methods are working and which aren't productive and then adjust their strategy. More

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