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Study: Children of immigrants are America's new science superstars
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There is a new example of the type of students that are making their mark in the sciences on school campuses across the nation. They are American-born, or sometimes naturalized, daughters and sons of the largest wave of foreign nationals to come to the United States since the earliest 20th century. According to a recent study, at the 2011 Intel Science Talent Search competition, which is known as the junior Nobel Prize, 70 percent of the finalists were the children of immigrants. That is despite the fact that only 12 percent of the U.S. population was born in another country. More

The next great resource shortage: US scientists
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The word "stem" is tossed around so much at education meetings these days, you'd think you were at a gardening seminar. STEM is shorthand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics — all fields that are growing, providing lucrative jobs and key to future American competitiveness. That's why everyone from President Barack Obama to the United States Chamber of Commerce is worried about whether we're producing enough STEM graduates from our colleges and universities. More

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Why would-be engineers end up as English majors
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VideoBriefUndergraduates across the country are choosing to leave science, technology, engineering and math programs before they graduate with those degrees. Many students in those STEM fields struggle to complete their degrees in four years, or drop out, according to a University of California, Los Angeles, study. The study found students in STEM take longer to complete their degrees than students who start out majoring in other fields. Thirty-six percent of white, 21 percent of black and 22 percent of Latino undergraduate students in STEM fields finished their bachelor's degrees within five years of initial enrollment. Nearly 22 percent dropped out after five years. More

Mixing Business and Science

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ACS establishes a new award — Recognizing Underrepresented Minorities in Chemistry for Excellence in Research & Development
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ACS wants to promote the participation of underrepresented minorities in chemistry by identifying and recognizing a distinguished minority chemist who has made significant contributions to chemical research.

The award will consist of:
  • A $2,000 award and travel expenses to an ACS meeting where the awardee will give a presentation on their research.
  • An opportunity to give a talk at two minority-serving institutions to discuss their work and visit with students, faculty and administrators to assist outreach efforts to interest students in careers in chemistry.

Please meet with your colleagues and submit the following to
  1. A brief explanation of why the nominee should be considered for the award, specifically identifying his/her contribution to chemical research and its significance.
  2. A list of publications or other documentation demonstrating the impact of the research.
  3. A biographical sketch of the nominee.
  4. Three letters of support from scientific colleagues familiar with the nominee's work.

The deadline for submitting nominations for this inaugural award is June 15. For more information visit,

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Outreach 4 Change: Building a culture of inclusivity within outreach programs
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As the number of jobs requiring engineering training grows, the number of students preparing for those careers remains level, with women and minorities severely underrepresented. In order to secure future economic competitiveness, the U.S. must meet the challenge of increasing the engineering education system with interested, qualified students that reflect the demographic of our country. STEM professionals have a unique insight to improve participation among future engineers, working collaboratively to create an inclusive, diverse environment. More

June ACS Chemist of the Month: Carol Duane
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The two passions in Carol Duane's life are chemistry and tennis. Through tennis, she has learned teamwork, and how to win and lose, be aggressive and exercise mental toughness. As captain of a women's U.S. Tennis Association tennis team for many years, she has a mastery of diplomacy. What started as a way to get some exercise has been woven into the fabric of her professional life, like her involvement with ACS. More

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Women in science: Their personal journeys
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Nearly 200 scientists recently gathered to celebrate the trials and triumphs of women in science as part of the World Science Festival, a five-day series of panels and talks on the latest scientific issues and research. Like the creatures of Darwin's famous archipelago, these females often thrived as an isolated species—on isles in a sea of men. More

Many STEM teachers don't hold certifications
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With teacher layoffs and staff shortages nationwide, some teachers are being asked to teach subjects they are not certified to teach. Roughly 30 percent of chemistry and physics teachers in public high schools did not major in these fields and haven't earned a certificate to teach those subjects, according to a new survey by the National Center for Education Statistics. Half of earth science teachers are similarly unqualified. More

Kentucky STEM conference links education and industry
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The STEM approach to education emphasizes teaching real-world, hands-on, 21st century workplace skills. So it's only natural that American industry and its workforce needs are part of crafting STEM instruction. That linkage — between the classroom and the workplace — is the focus on the third annual Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative Conference at the Northern Kentucky University. More

Role of PAT in Green Chemistry and Green Engineering?

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New guide from AAAS, NSF helps universities evaluate their graduate school diversity efforts
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With many U.S. universities working to recruit and support minority graduate students, AAAS and the National Science Foundation have developed a new guide offering detailed advice and practical tools to help administrators evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. "Measuring Diversity: An Evaluation Guide for STEM Graduate Program Leaders" has a central premise: A high rate of students from underrepresented minority groups leave graduate studies before completing advanced degrees; especially at a time of rising global competition, that represents a significant and costly loss of talent and potential. More

Girl technology inventors and mentors
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VideoBriefOne night in May, the premises of AOL in downtown New York City vibrated with the chatty energy and nerves of 47 teenage girls. They were getting ready to pitch their newly created apps to a group of four judges from the worlds of technology and venture capital. The Technovation Challenge pitch night was the culmination of a nine-week program, matching high school girls with high-tech mentors from local industry and universities to create mobile phone app prototypes using Google's App Inventor for Andriod. More

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