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In this issue:

ESSR gives members new, innovative research insights
Don't miss out: ACSM grant funding opportunities available
Trustee launches free fitness program; ACSM to take program national
ACSM's affiliate society on worksite health expands with latest partnership
Around the Industry: Fellows present at conferences
Policy Corner: Support for Physical Activity Guidelines bill
Sports medicine & exercise science headlines

ESSR gives members new, innovative research insights
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Though Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise is ACSM’s official scientific journal, the College's other official publications are also important links between science and practice for many ACSM members.

Priscilla M. Clarkson, Ph.D., FACSM, is editor-in-chief of ACSM's official review journal Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR). Next year marks the beginning of her fifth year in that role. In addition, 2010 marks the 10th year that ESSR has been published as a quarterly review journal. Clarkson shared with Sports Medicine Bulletin her goals as well as her insights on the importance of the journal.

Q: ESSR transitioned to its current quarterly journal form 10 years ago. How does this format advance the areas of exercise and sport sciences?

A: A quarterly, as opposed to annual, format is particularly well-suited to feature timely and cutting edge topics in the fields of exercise and sport sciences.

Don't miss out: ACSM grant funding opportunities available
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Current ACSM members are eligible for a variety of funding opportunities through the ACSM Foundation Research Grant Program. Research grants are available to both experienced professionals and graduate students in a variety of areas, from space physiology to epidemiology.

Click here for the grant notification and listing, and visit www.acsm.org/research to apply. E-mail Michael Dell, ACSM research assistant, at mdell@acsm.org for questions or more information.

Trustee launches free fitness program; ACSM to take program national
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NiCole Keith, Ph.D., FACSM, and ACSM Board of Trustee member is committed to providing physical activity opportunities for all people - and she's putting her passion into action with the PARC (Physically Activity Residential Communities) program.

PARC is a collaborative effort that brings students from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis students to local Indianapolis Housing Agency communities to provide free fitness classes for residents, many of whom are low-income citizens and may not otherwise have many opportunities to exercise. The program was announced to the city of Indianapolis on Wednesday, Oct. 14, and received coverage from the local NBC and CBS television affiliates and the Indianapolis Star.

ACSM is the program's national expansion partner, and members are encouraged to facilitate similar initiatives in their own hometowns. E-mail membership director Chris Sawyer at csawyer@acsm.org for more details.

ACSM's affiliate society on worksite health expands with latest partnership
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Since its inception last year, one of ACSM's affiliate societies, the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, has experienced tremendous growth. The initiative is spreading the word about the importance of healthy workplaces to an international audience.

Now, IAWHP is collaborating with the Minnesota Business Partnership to create a network of wellness practitioners within Minnesota employers. The IAWHP Web site will soon include an interactive forum through which MBP members can post questions and discussion topics for other worksite health practitioners and implementers. To view the comprehensive benefits now available to IAWHP members, visit the IAWHP web site.

Around the Industry: Fellows present at upcoming conferences
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ACSM members are leaders in their fields - as demonstrated by two upcoming conferences featuring prominent ACSM Fellows.

Thomas Best, M.D., Ph.D., FACSM, will serve as ACSM's delegate in an upcoming international sports medicine conference. The Athletic Care and Interdisciplinary Sports Medicine World Summit 2010 will take place March 11-13 in Innsbruck, Austria. Sessions will focus on acute injury management, sports psychology, nutrition and supplements, and more. ACSM members receive a discounted registration rate.

Edward Phillips, M.D., FACSM, will serve as course director for a Harvard Medical School conference on "Active Doctors, Active Patients" - an educational opportunity that perfectly aligns with the Exercise is Medicine program. The course will provide physicians with the necessary tools to assess and recommend changes in patients' levels of physical activity/exercise.

Policy Corner: Physical activity guidelines bill draws widespread support
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A bill to establish a five-year cycle for federal physical activity guidelines was filed today, giving hope to those who view healthy lifestyles as essential preventive medicine. The measure has broad support from experts and various health and fitness organizations. An ACSM Action Alert and news release will be issued on Wednesday, Oct. 21; members can help build momentum for this important legislation by responding and urging their friends and colleagues to also weigh in on behalf of the guidelines bill. More

Exercise and Science Headlines

Protect your breasts - get your heart pumping
MSNBC    Share   Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
When Felice Austin was just 11 years old, her mother died from breast cancer. That started Austin on a lifelong campaign to lower her risk of the disease that strikes nearly 200,000 women every year. More
Phys ed: does exercise boost immunity?
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Two recent experiments hit rather close to home at this time of year. In the first, published last year in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, researchers divided mice into two groups. One rested comfortably in their cages. The other ran on little treadmills until they were exhausted. This continued for three days. The mice were then exposed to an influenza virus. More
Exercise improves body image for fit and unfit alike
ScienceDaily    Share   Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Attention weekend warriors: the simple act of exercise and not fitness itself can convince you that you look better, a new University of Florida study finds. More

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