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AM Leonard
ANLA News Brief
Feb. 3, 2010
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Association News

Check out the 2010 Management Clinic on Twitter
from ANLA
The ANLA Management Clinic has just come to a close and the excitement was running high! If you missed it and want to try to catch some of the vibe, it's worth checking out the Twitter feed. You don't have to know what Twitter is (or have an account) to check the feed - just click here and scroll through to see what some of the real-time status updates were coming from attendees who tweet:

(By the way, if you are on Facebook, become a FAN of the ANLA Knowledge Center! The sessions from the Clinic - audio, video, and handouts - will be released into the Knowledge Center as they are available, so become a FAN and you’ll be first to know!)
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Retail News

Retailers See Innovation, Speed as Keys to Growth
from Reuters
Retailers are using a host of strategies in adapting to the downturn - from improving their products to expanding their e-commerce businesses - which they hope will better position themselves for a rebound in the economy.  More
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   MasterTag Introduces Two New Nursery Tags

MasterTag introduces two new nursery tags. Available as a folding or card style tag. Large landscape photos and detailed inset of key attributes such as flower, leaf color or fruit. Text information is based on extensive consumer research. Available with or without bar code, price and D.O.R. Comprehensive variety listing.

Study: People Willingly Spend More For Green
from Marketing Daily
Consumers are willing to pay more for a variety of products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable - better known as "green," according to a recent study. The survey revealed that 90 percent of respondents have incorporated some level of greenness into their daily lives - 8.8 percent are completely green, while most are aspirationally green.  More
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Landscape News

Leasing vs. Purchasing Your Equipment
from Grounds Maintenance Magazine
From mowers and loaders to trucks and skid steers, large-ticket items are must-haves for survival. But choosing the right tool for the trade — at the right price — is just the beginning of the purchasing decision. Sealing the deal comes with an option: whether to lease or purchase.  More
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   Product Showcase:
   EARTHSCAPES landscape design software
  Plug into profits with EARTHSCAPES!

The EARTHSCAPES software is a great tool when creating striking landscape designs but it also compliments many of the other unique services your company offers. For example, did you know EARTHSCAPES also creates night light and holiday décor designs?
Learn more! Call 330-259-7662 or email

Tips for Green Building and Sustainable Landscaping
from Los Altos Town Crier
Today's homeowners are talking about green features both inside and out: from double-glazed windows to waterwise gardens. Homes with environmentally friendly features not only conserve resources, but because they may last longer, can save money in the long run. These homes are also more comfortable to live in, therefore they're in high demand when the time comes to sell.  More
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Distribution News

ATA Applauds DOT Ban on Text Messaging by Commercial Drivers
from The American Trucking Association
American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves joined Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on as LaHood announced a ban on text messaging by drivers of commercial vehicles. "Highway safety is critically important to the trucking industry, commercial vehicles, passenger buses and the motoring public," Graves said. "Our nation's highways are the trucking industry's workplace, and we must continue to make them safer for everyone's benefit."  More
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Green Industry Software at the 2010 ANLA Management Clinic!
Join us Monday Feb.1 @11am for a session about Production Management software from seed to sale, and Tuesday Feb. 2 @1pm to learn more about the registers of the future - Handheld POS. More Info

Obama Sets Ambitious Export Goal
from The New York Times
The trouble, trade experts say, is that meeting that goal would require the president to engage in a fight to the death with the liberal wing of his own party, persuade China to allow its currency to appreciate 40 percent, get global economic growth to outperform the salad days from 2003 to 2007, and lower taxes for American companies that do business abroad.  More
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Grower News

Study: Disease-Resistant Plants Enhance Profits, Client Satisfaction
from Lawn & Landscape Magazine
New varieties of plants marketed as "disease-resistant" or "insect-resistant" are becoming more accessible to consumers. Available through local garden centers and catalogs, these attractive ornamentals often come with guarantees that offer amateur gardeners the promise of lower maintenance or the need for fewer pesticides.  More
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   Product Showcase:
   Enhance Your Soil with EternaGreen™ BioChar

BioChar "is much more efficient at enhancing soil quality than any other organic soil amendment" and a "more environmentally conscious use of existing resources" (Lehmann and Joseph, 2009). More info

Preventing Tomato Late Blight This Year
from Greenhouse Magazine
To help prevent late blight this growing season, Beth Gugino, assistant professor of plant pathology at Penn State University, recommends making sure that all late blight-infected tomato and/or potato plant tissue from this past season is dead and home gardeners refrain from composting diseased plant material.  More
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Trade Press Headlines

Planting Seeds for Future Success
from Big Grower
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Law office of Melinda A. Rubin can help your business obtain a reliable and legal labor force to meet your temporary needs for up to 10 months every year. We have over 20 years combined exp helping companies with their short term labor needs. More information, call us (631) 723-0800.

Alternative Energy: Does it PAY?
from Grower Talks Magazine
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Let the Good Times Roll
from Garden Center Magazine
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Syngenta Launches Photo Competition
from Lawn & Garden Retailer
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