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ANLA News Brief
May 4, 2011
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Retail News

Change Your Store Hours to Increase Sales
from Retail Customer Experience
No matter what state the economy is in, no matter how frugal consumers are, customer-centric retailers are building business. Here's one way for you to be one of them. You've heard of social media. For now, let's drop the media portion and talk about the social. How can you deepen your relationships with your customers? And, how can you do it easily and inexpensively? Go against the flow.  More
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Sales Growth is the Big Surprise on Wall Street
from The Associated Press via MSNBC
Positive sales surprises indicate that consumers and businesses are absorbing things like higher food and gas prices — and still spending on non-necessities. So far this quarter, two out of every three companies that chase consumers' discretionary spending on things like dresses, motorcycles and even trips to Las Vegas brought in more revenue than investors expected. All told, higher sales could signal a healthier economic recovery than investors believed.  More
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Landscape News

How To Keep the Entire Team Fixed On the Prize
from American Express OPEN Forum
There's generally more to do in a business than hours in the day. That's as true for the small business owner as it is for the front-line staff. Too often that leads to diverting what little attention we can muster to the thing shouting the loudest, regardless of how important that particular noisemaker happens to be in the grand scheme.  More
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Marketing to Motivate: The Secret of Intrinsic Rewards
from MarketingProfs
If we've learned anything in the last few years, it's that the old marketing model is broken. We've witnessed the collapse of our advertising industrial complex, and we've watched shoppers pull out of our stores and retreat to their financial fallout shelters. But despite the havoc, there is hope for battle-scarred brands.  More
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Distribution News

An Economic Holding Pattern
from Logistics Management
Not surprisingly, there are some mainstream media reports popping up lately about how high fuel costs are impacting freight transportation and logistics and spurring intermodal usage, too. These stories are, as expected, being paired with a slew of recent reports based on government data telling us that GDP growth projections are being scaled down and that while consumer spending has the semblance of being on the rise, it is a byproduct of higher fuel prices forcing consumers to spend more at the pump for gas and more at the supermarket for food.  More
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Mexican Truckers Seen Ready to Roll on US Roadways
from DC Velocity
A Mexican transportation attorney said that a recent accord to throw open the U.S. cross-border market to Mexican truckers will result in a significant number of his country's motor carriers entering U.S. commerce. The remarks made by Carlos M. Sesma Mauleón at an industry conference in St. Louis run counter to earlier predictions by U.S. industry observers that the March 3 agreement would not trigger an influx of Mexican truckers beyond a 25-mile border commercial zone where they are currently allowed to operate.  More
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Grower News

For Gardeners, Stink Bugs Are Not a Problem to Sniff At
from USA Today
Pest-control experts are stumped as they try to figure out how to stop the march of the stink bug, the six-legged insect that dines on America's favorite crops, invades our homes and is quickly creeping into new parts of the nation. For many farmers and home gardeners, this summer growing season could be challenging in as many as 33 states and Washington, D.C., eight more states than last year, says George Hamilton, pest management expert and professor of entomology at Rutgers University.  More
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Farmer Invents $100 Device that Replaces Diesel Fuel for Irrigation
from Clean Technica
With the current price of diesel fuel stuck at around $4.00 per gallon, our diesel-dependent agriculture industry is in a fix. But thanks to a small grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one farmer has invented a new device that chips away at some of that. At a cost of $100 or less, he came up with a hydo-powered system that replaces the diesel engine formerly needed to drive his irrigation system. At today’s prices, he estimates an annual savings of $3,500.  More
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Trade Press Headlines

New Varieties for Landscapers
from Grower Talks
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Ideas for Conserving Water with Style
from Lawn & Landscape
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The People in Your Neighborhood
from Garden Center Magazine
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USDA Studies Biocontrols Against Emerald Ash Borer
from Nursery Management & Production
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Operations/Special Projects Manager

SummerWinds Nursery
US - TX - El Campo

The successful candidate will have general experience with container area management, canning, spacing, shifting, nursery overwintering practices. Experience with shipping, tagging, inventory, and quality control would be helpful but not required.

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