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Eighteen Physics Nobel laureates have signed an open letter addressed to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, calling for the release of Omid Kokabee, a 32-year-old physicist who has spent the last 3 years and 8 months in a Teheran prison. Read the associated 2014 Andrei...

source: Nature News

Sharks, penguins and other marine hunters have been shown to use math to find food. However, new simulations suggest that the animals appear to move in a strict mathematical pattern called a Lévy walk because they hit rough water. The movement patterns could therefore...

source: ScienceNews

Finally, physicists are catching up to cowboys—at least in the lasso department. With the help of a trick roper who works at Disneyland Paris, a custom-built “robo-cowboy,” and a researcher who spent hours practicing with a lasso, a team of physicists has...

source: ScienceNOW

As much as half of the water in Earth’s oceans could be older than the Sun, new calculations suggest. By reconstructing conditions in the disk of gas and dust in which the Solar System formed, scientists have concluded that the Earth and other planets inherited much...

source: Scientific American

Physicists have found hints that the asymmetry of life — the fact that most biochemical molecules are ‘left-handed’ or ‘right-handed’ — could have been caused by electrons from nuclear decay in the early days of evolution. In an experiment...

source: Nature News

A flaw in how quantum-interference experiments are interpreted has been quantified for the first time by a team of physicists in India. Using the "path integral" formulation of quantum mechanics, the team calculated the interference pattern created when electrons or photons...

source: Physics World


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