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A giant doorway at the center of the Milky Way leading to another galaxy is not theoretically impossible, a study suggests. Scientists speculate that dark matter at the centre of our galaxy could sustain a wormhole that we could travel through. Wormholes have been proposed...

source: The Telegraph

Physicists have found a simple set of rules to create curves from straight lines with the ancient Japanese art of kirigami which involves both folding and cutting paper. Read the associated Physical Review Letters abstract.

source: WIRED

Light that escapes collapsing stars and dust clouds may sport an unusually blue hue. Light emitted within these gravitationally unstable objects can be blueshifted enough to overcome the redshift imposed by the expanding universe.

source: ScienceNews

The speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 m s–1, right? Not necessarily, according to a team of physicists in the U.K., which has found that the speed of an individual photon decreases by a tiny amount if it is initially sent through a patterned mask. The phenomenon...

source: PhysicsWorld

A new mathematical model of cardiac muscle tissue could provide important insights into a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, which is a leading cause of strokes. The model was created by scientists in the U.K., who hope that...

source: PhysicsWorld

Super-hydrophobic materials are desirable for a number of applications such as rust prevention, anti-icing, or even in sanitation uses. However, most current hydrophobic materials rely on chemical coatings.Physicists have now developed a new laser-patterning technique that...

source: Sci-News


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