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Cathy Sartain Industries, Professional Services

Cathy Sartain Industries provides professional development, products and services. Topics include developing standards-based goals, functional goals and grading practices for students with disabilities.


 CASE News

What an opportunity!
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Facebook CASE is having our 2nd Annual Winter Hybrid Conference this Feb. 13-15. This unique opportunity will offer both an amazing onsite professional development experience as well as an effective, efficient way to provide an amazing PD experience for teams who cannot travel to Orlando, Fla. The CASE Executive Committee and Professional Development Committee, in line with our strategic goal No. 3: CASE will be active in the development and mentorship of special education administrators, are committed to bringing quality, cutting edge national/international professional development to not only our members but to the third and fourth tier administrators and "potential" administrators. With budgets tight and out of state travel often prohibited, the "virtual" experience is one way to meet this professional development goal. Not only is it important to provide quality professional development to our members and future administrators but in the reality of how schools/districts need to partner with each other and other stakeholders to truly be able to enact change, team professional development is a critical component of this change strategy. The logistics of providing this type of quality, cutting edge professional development to cross stakeholder teams and our members can be overwhelming and costly.

CASE is offering to assist you with these logistics and at a cost that cannot be beat. If you are unable to attend the CASE Winter conference in person, why not register and customize it to be a local or regional conference. We have put together a set of suggestions/lessons learned for running your virtual PD session. This year's theme, Evolution, Re-invention or Revolution: The Future of Special Education, and daily emphases: With the daily topical sessions: Virtual Education and implications for Special Education (Wednesday, Feb. 13);The Re-invention of Special Education; (Thursday, Feb. 14), and The Evolution of Special Education (Friday, Feb. 15) make for a perfect set up for customizing the conference and attendees to your district/schools' needs. As an idea, invite different people to the different days. Sometimes it is easier to attend a one day workshop than a three day conference. Thursday will be a great opportunity to bring in general education, teachers, administrators, parents, etc. as the day is devoted to the multi tiered support system — the next steps in RTI. Click here for the agenda. As we did last year, we will be using Twitter and Facebook to connect the onsite with the virtual sites.

Don't miss this great opportunity. With such a variety of speakers, including two former Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services and the current Director of Special Education Services and looking at such cutting edge issues as: What does "eLRE" mean? What is eFAPE? can you really afford to miss the discussion? Register today for either attending in person or being a virtual attendee by clicking here or going to the CASE website,

SPECIAL NOTE about 12-12-12!: Please look below at the article from CEC Policy Insider of the call in day for SEQUESTRATION Wednesday, Dec. 12 — CEC will hold a National Call-In Day — Join us and tell Congress we need sustainable balanced fiscal solutions. Stop Sequestration! Save Special Education!


Updated Academic Intervention Tools Chart
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The National Center on Intensive Intervention is pleased to announce the release of the updated Academic Intervention Tools Chart. This chart represents the results of the first annual review of academic intervention studies by the Center's Technical Review Committee.

The chart provides ratings on the quality of studies demonstrating efficacy on commercially available academic intervention programs. These interventions can be used as part of a data-based individualization program for educating students with disabilities who require intensive intervention due to persistent learning problems. Additional information on how to implement the programs can be found on the chart as well.

The National Center on Intensive Intervention publishes this tools chart to assist educators and families in becoming informed consumers who can select intervention programs that best meet their individual needs. Please note that the center does not endorse or recommend the interventions included in the chart.

View the Academic Intervention Tools Chart.

Save the date for the 2013 Convention & Expo
San Antonio — April 3-6

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Join the Council for Exceptional Children in San Antonio for the CEC 2013 Convention & Expo — the largest professional development event dedicated to special and gifted education. There, educators from around the world will discuss the most pressing issues in special and gifted education and share information in areas such as common core state standards, administration and supervision, autism spectrum disorders, co-teaching and collaboration, policy, technology and culturally responsive interventions.

The CEC Convention & Expo offers hundreds of educational sessions conducted by leading experts and endless opportunities to network with others working with children and youth with exceptionalities and their families. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about new and pending legislation and explore cutting-edge products and services in the exhibit hall. Educators won’t want to miss this chance to catch up on what’s happening in the field, broaden their perspective of special education and further their professional growth.

CEC's Convention & Expo is the heart and soul of the special education community and your premier professional development event. Registration opens Oct. 17 so visit for updates.


READ 180 is a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development proven to raise reading achievement for struggling readers in grades 4–12+. Designed for any student reading two or more years below grade-level, READ 180 leverages adaptive technology to individualize instruction for students and provide powerful data for differentiation to teachers. READ 180 helps target the specific skill deficits and unique instructional needs outlined in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Learn More

 CEC Policy Insider

Dec. 12 — Stop Sequestration! Save Special Education!
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Next Wednesday, Dec. 12 — CEC will hold a National Call-In Day — Join us and tell Congress we need sustainable balanced fiscal solutions. Stop Sequestration! Save Special Education! More

CRPD fails to pass the Senate: Spirits dampened but hopes for future passage remain
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Despite the support of 328 disability and veterans organizations and passionate leadership and advocacy by Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz., the Senate voted 61-38 against ratification of the U.N. Convention on Persons with Disabilities. More

CEC celebrates UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities
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On Dec. 3, we celebrate the U.N. International Day of Persons with Disabilities. With over one billion people, or 15 percent of the world's population living with a disability, this day commemorates continued efforts across the world to ensure an inclusive and accessible society for all. The celebration of this day provides the opportunity to bring to the forefront issues of inclusion and to celebrate contributions to society made by persons with disabilities. More

CEC celebrates IDEA's 37th anniversary
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On Nov. 29, 1975 President Gerald Ford signed into law the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (Public Law 94-142), landmark legislation that forever changed how American's view individuals with disabilities. Now known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, this law raised expectations for millions of students with disabilities who were previously excluded from public school. Today, nearly 6 million students with disabilities receive services provided by IDEA. More

Speak out on behalf of special education and share your story with CEC
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Every year, CEC publishes the Federal Outlook for Exceptional Children, providing an overview of federally-funded programs — IDEA and Javits grants — that impact the lives of children and youth with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. The Outlook is distributed to members of Congress, federal agencies and other leaders in the education community with the hope that a better understanding of such programs will lead to increased federal funding for special/gifted education programs. More

Literacy Tools
That Help Students Succeed
Award-winning WordQ helps each student address reading and writing gaps to meet Common Core proficiency requirements. Using WordQ, teachers can provide differentiated instruction with greater ease and flexibility. Extend learning time and opportunities; ideal for ELL students and all students who struggle with reading, vocabulary, spelling, syntax, grammar, text production, editing and revising.
SRA Reading Laboratory 2.0
• Any device anytime,   anywhere
• More than 85% new content

• Motivating short reads with   text dependent questions
• Simple Management tools   for teachers

• Improve students' Lexile®   scores with access to   complex text
• Informational and literary   text based on their interests
• Reports on Lexile® level,   student progress, standards,   and fluency
AutismPro provides online tools to help school districts meet state compliance and due process requirements in supporting students with Autism and Related Disorders. It's a comprehensive suite of professional development and case management resources for educators and professionals working with students with ASDs.


Disability rights, access to education vary around the world
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This blog rarely ventures beyond the borders of the United States, as it seems there are ample issues to discuss about special education on American soil. But it seemed worthy to note that Dec. 4 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. For starters, the U.S. Senate is still debating whether to approve the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Council for Exceptional Children calls the document landmark and has been urging the Senate to ratify it, noting that 90 percent of children with disabilities in developing countries have no access to school, in sharp contrast to educational access for children with disabilities in America. More

5 states to extend classroom time for almost 20,000 students in bid to boost achievement
The Associated Press via Star Tribune    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Open your notebooks and sharpen your pencils. School for thousands of public school students is about to get quite a bit longer. Five states announced that they will add at least 300 hours of learning time to the calendar in some schools starting in 2013. Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee will take part in the initiative, which is intended to boost student achievement and make U.S. schools more competitive on a global level. More

Arne Duncan sketches out 'long haul' agenda
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U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who says he plans to serve in the Obama cabinet for the "long haul," has begun sketching out his priorities for the next four years. They include using competitive levers to improve teacher and principal quality and holding the line on initiatives he started during the president's first term. The secretary is also making clear what he won't do: devote a lot of energy to a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act if Congress doesn't get serious about rewriting the current version, the No Child Left Behind Act. "We will lead, we will help, we will push, but Congress has to want to do it," Duncan said in remarks to the Council of Chief State School Officers. More

 Hot Topics

No consensus on which skills should be included in teacher evaluations
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At least 30 states are launching new systems to evaluate teachers using more rigorous criteria about what makes a good teacher, but so far there is little consensus on what the criteria should be. Teacher evaluations have become highly controversial as states introduce increasingly different models. Can the quality of a teacher be measured by looking at just a few key skills, such as setting academic goals and running an effective class discussion? Or should teachers be evaluated based on a broader range of abilities, including lesson-planning and content knowledge? More

Asperger's dropped from revised diagnosis manual
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The now familiar term "Asperger's disorder" is being dropped. And abnormally bad and frequent temper tantrums will be given a scientific-sounding diagnosis called DMDD. But "dyslexia" and other learning disorders remain. The revisions come in the first major rewrite in nearly 20 years of the diagnostic guide used by the nation's psychiatrists. Changes were approved Saturday. Full details of all the revisions will come next May when the American Psychiatric Association's new diagnostic manual is published, but the impact will be huge, affecting millions of children and adults worldwide. More

ChalkTalk™ - An on-demand video interview series

ChalkTalk™ videos are cost-effective and are available "on demand". The talk show format focuses on educational issues and best practices in educating students with disabilities. Information is available at your fingertips, as the videos become an archived electronic library that you can access at any time. Click here to learn more!
A web-based system that addresses the challenge of intervention scheduling in the schools. It's designed for anyone who needs to schedule and document interventions. MORE

 In the News

Technology can help children with autism communicate more effectively in classrooms
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The use of technology in the classroom is nothing new, but Topcliffe Primary School in Birmingham, U.K., is breaking new ground by using technology to help people with autism communicate more effectively. The school, which teaches around 30 children with various levels of autism, was one of four schools across U.K., which participated in the ECHOES research project, jointly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council from universities across the U.K. to explore how technology can make a difference in the classroom. The researchers used the Technology Enhanced Learning program ECHOES which allows children to engage with virtual characters and interactive technologies. More

New autism research highlights the need to help children make emotional transitions
Medical New Today    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Most people know when to be afraid and when it's OK to calm down. But new research on autism shows that children with the diagnosis struggle to let go of old, outdated fears. Even more significantly, the Brigham Young University study found that this rigid fearfulness is linked to the severity of classic symptoms of autism, such as repeated movements and resistance to change. For parents and others who work with children diagnosed with autism, the new research highlights the need to help children make emotional transitions — particularly when dealing with their fears. More

For librarians, a new digital resource on students with disabilities
School Library Journal via The Digital Shift    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A new resource, Project ENABLE, is helping close an identified gap in library services to those with disabilities. In 2006, as part of a New York State impact study, Ruth V. Small of Syracuse University's School of Information Studies asked school librarians to rate their own ability to perform various aspects of their jobs, from measuring student achievement to developing curriculum to implementing new technology. Across the state, one finding was alarmingly consistent: School librarians gave themselves very low grades on serving the needs of students with disabilities. More

Study: More churn at the top in large districts
Education Week    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Running one of the nation's largest school districts typically comes with prestige and pay that draw would-be educational superstars, but also pressure and political complexity that cause them to burn out far faster than leaders of the majority of districts. A study published in the American Educational Research Journal finds in 90 percent of 100 California districts studied, 43 percent of superintendents left within three years — but 71 percent of superintendents left the largest 10 percent of districts, which include those of 29,000 or more students, during that time. More


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