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Ted and Lisa Rogers tell us what it is like to come to an ICIM Chelation Workshop for the first time

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Terry Chappell MD and Claus Hancke MD speaking at ICIM's chelation training

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How do we change minds?


ICIM "End Pain" Speakers and Schedule


Sept. 25-28, Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan

Jan. 3-10, 2015, Members Community Retreat at Maya Tulum, Mexico


ICIM is a medical association of physicians dedicated to exploring and teaching integrative treatments to help our patients. We hold two conferences per year; our next one — End Pain — is Sept. 24-28 in Dearborn, Mich. This newsletter is designed to prepare attendees and continue discussions of the education we provide.

Special issue: ICIM on retreat
Eventbrite - ICIM Community Members Retreat
Join ICIM members at Maya Tulum, a sanctuary of nature to experience a community of learning which unites mind, heart and spirit. You will be welcomed into a sensual ambiance of exotic beauty, nature and intoxicating views. Your palapa hideway lets you reconnect with yourself as you go barefoot in the sand, swim in the sea and sleep under chic thatched-roof cabanas. Maya Tulum is committed to excellence with unwavering attention to detail, understated elegance and exceptional personal service.
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Xunan Kab, a traditional therapy from Maya Tulum
A massage with Xunan Kab uses locally produced honey famed for its medicinal attributes.

Bees cultured by the Maya draw renewed attention
Liberty Voice
Xunan kab — the traditional Mayan name for Melipona beecheii — means "royal lady." It is one of the 500 species that are called stingless bees. It actually has stingers that are highly reduced and can't be used for defense. With the arrival of European Honeybee in 1620, whose honey production capacity is about 20 times higher, most beekeepers made the switch and the knowledge of how to culture this native species was lost to history.
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'Chocolate Nobility,' a traditional therapy from Maya Tulum
Chocolate Nobility: The cacao seed originated in this part of the world and was revered in ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. It was said to have been reserved for royalty and Moctezuma allegedly drank 50 goblets of chocolate daily. This treatment indulges all of the senses and is a must for any chocolate lover. We begin with an exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells, after which, your therapist will smooth on a delicious cocoa balm wrap, finally you will receive a vigorizing 20 min massage. Too good for words!

Ancients in Mesoamerica
The Story of Chocolate
The Olmecs, famous for carving colossal stone heads, were the first people known to process and eat cacao beans, which they called kakaw. As did other ancient cultures, the Olmecs drank their cacao. Residue left in a small bowl in 1800 B.C. at Paso de la Amada in southern Chiapas, Mexico, provides the earliest evidence of cacao use known today. What's most interesting is that the Olmecs figured out how to eat cacao at all.
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Temazcal ceremony, a traditional therapy from Maya Tulum
Temazcal: Our Temazcal ceremony is about two and a half hours of total release of toxins, physical and emotional spirituality. You will be within the actual temazcal (clay steam dome) for approximiately an hour and 12 minutes. During this time, an herbal tea made by soaking fresh herbs is splashed over heated volcanic rocks to produce powerful fragrant steam. As your body begins to relax and detoxify, you will begin to experience a connection with Mother Earth through a series of four guided meditations. Each focuses towards a different cardinal point. These meditations will be accompanied by chanting and ancient music. At the end of each guided meditation, the door of the temazcal is opened to allow the energy of the next cardinal point in.

Reborn in the temazcal: A traditional native Mexican American purification ceremony
Temazcal, also known as temazcalli, is a traditional native Mexican American purification ceremony. It's similar to the sweat lodge, or inipi, of the Lakotas, or kiva of the pueblo dwellers in the western United States. Temazcal guides claim that their temazcal ceremonies are cleansing and that they cure or relieve symptoms of many ailments. I've heard testimonies from temazcaleros (participants in the temazcal) that the ceremony has helped them battle health problems ranging from the common cold through cancer, diabetes, and emotional and psychological ailments.
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Why hold retreats?
Retreats essentially provide an opportunity to be reminded of the authentic calling of our lives and organizations. Retreats can help to keep us grounded in the values and practices that make this work meaningful. A solid foundation contributes appreciably to sustaining healthy work habits and a healthy organization.
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Value of retreats from a Catholic perspective
A retreat refreshes and revitalizes, gives the opportunity for more time spent in prayer and contemplation, and rekindles and deepens one’s relationship with God. One may take this opportunity to more clearly hear God's call and to seek God's healing grace and thereby attain a degree of spiritual renewal. The purpose of a spiritual retreat, as an addition to daily spiritual activities, is to temporarily leave behind the usual distractions we all face for a time long enough to allow relaxation and for an inner change to occur: the ongoing conversion of heart that is critical to deepening faith.
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What are the various benefits of corporate retreats
Business 2 Community
There are only two sides to a corporate retreat. It is either loved by employees or hated by them. But nevertheless, corporates retreats have a lot of different advantages to offer. Corporate retreats should be handled in such a way that they are loved by everyone. Not only executives or big leagues but also other employees should be kept in mind while planning an office retreat. Office retreats have a lot of benefits, which will we discuss in this article.
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Why Mexico?
Journey Mexico
For U.S. and Canadian travelers, with over 50 international airports throughout the country and now so many direct flights, Mexico simply offers unforgettable travel experiences just a short hop and a skip away. Apart from stop-overs in one of the biggest hubs of the world — Mexico City International Airport, European travelers now have a wealth of options of traveling direct to the popular beach destination of Cancun with flights from British Airways, Thomas Cook, MartinAir, and Air Berlin to name a few.
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Mexico — officially the United Mexican States — is a fascinating country in North America, lying between the United States of America to the north, and Guatemala and Belize to the southeast.
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'To Go Forward, Retreat!'
By Sandra R. Hughes
Like anything worth doing, a forward retreat doesn't just happen. It requires careful planning and a significant commitment of resources, time and creative energy — by planners, by the organization's staff and by participants. The forward retreat approach can rarely be accomplished within the quintessential retreat format in which planners don't consult members in setting meeting objectives, the schedule is often inflexible and activities are usually generic.
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Introducing Mexico
Lonely Planet
Jungles, deserts; teeming cities, one-street pueblos; fiesta fireworks, Frida's angst: Mexico conjures up so many contradictory images. One thing's for sure: No preconceptions will ever live up to the reality.
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