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Blood Pressure Normalization

BP NatRelief helps in normalizing blood pressure. No drug interactions or side effects.

Food allergy or sensitivity?

With a simple blood test we can identify foods which may be causing symptoms.


Hormones, mood and emotion:
Finding balance as we age

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Phyllis Bronson will emphasize how the primary gender hormones are integrated with neurotransmitters for clinical application and the how the combination impacts mood. She will also show in very understandable manner what her original research on progesterone means in terms of a profound impact on women's mood biochemistry. Register here to draw on Bronson's scientific research over the past 15 years and how she brings the science alive for women where they live: in their relational, emotional worlds. More

Member Blog: James Greenblatt, M.D.
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Dr. James Greenblatt, M.D., is a leading expert in eating and mood disorders and a pioneer of integrative medicine. He offers a revolutionary approach to improving mental wellness and the treatment of mental illness. Visit this ICIM member's blog — The Malnourished Mind — to learn more about his approach. More

PSA test part of trend: Fewer screenings for well people
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Many men were surprised when a government advisory panel recommended that doctors stop using the PSA test to screen healthy men for prostate cancer. Yet health experts say the recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force are a part of a broader trend that's been building for years. More

Discover the Nature-Throid™ Difference

Nature-Throid™ is a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to synthetic thyroid medications. Most synthetic thyroid drugs often contain only T4 hormone. Nature-Throid™ contains two thyroid hormones, T4 and T3 to simulate your body’s natural processes. There is simply no substitute for the healing benefits nature provides. Available by prescription in 13 strengths.

Connect With Us: ICIM blog
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Connect with us on the ICIM website blog to get the latest news and articles submitted by board members and friends. More

US Senate passes bipartisan FDA funding bill
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The U.S. Senate showed near-unanimous support for a bill that helps fund the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a regulatory powerhouse with sweeping influence over the foods Americans eat and the medicines they take. The bill, which passed by a vote of 96-1, aims to speed approval of new drugs and devices and ensure food safety. More

Liability Insurance for Your Clinic

Liability Insurance Solutions is an independent agent specializing in quality professional and general liability insurance for med-spas, anti-aging, alternative & integrative medicine at competitive rates.
Great Plains Laboratory
The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. is the world leader in providing testing for nutritional factors in chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, autism and ADD. We offer a variety of metabolic tests such as immune deficiency evaluation and amino acid tests. MORE

Healing With Language: Tag questions
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A "tag question" is a question tagged on to the end of a statement: It's a nice day today, isn't it? Note that when the tag has "question inflection" (voice tone up), it calls the preceding statement into question. It invites those who are listening to question the statement. When the tag is given a "statement inflection" (voice town down), it has the opposite effect. It gives the preceding statement a sense of completion and tends to preclude disagreement.

This is a wonderful technique for controlling emphasis in your communication, especially with your patients. You may want to plan and practice tag questions for situations you encounter with regularity so that you can alter your voice tone appropriately.

Avoid this: You can relax while I take your blood pressure, can't you? [tone up]
Say this: You can relax while I take your blood pressure, can't you ... [tone down]

Voice tone up on a tag question basically cancels what was said first. Voice tone down emphasizes it.

Say this: It doesn't seem to make good sense to choose a treatment that is not working just because it is covered by insurance, does it.... [tone down]
Say this: It makes good sense to choose a treatment that works, doesn't it ... [tone down]
Say this: Exploring other options just makes sense, doesn't it ... [tone down]

When you want to call something into question, use voice tone up.

Say this: You are thinking that surgery is your only option, aren't you? [tone up]

Send your questions about communication to Joel P. Bowman or Debra Basham, co-developers of SCS Matters, LLC. We will provide answers to those for you. For more information about Healing with Language: Your Key to Effective Mind-Body Communication, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis or hypnotherapy, or about the imagine healing process, visit or

Alternative medicine: Ozone therapy
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Ozone is poisonous when inhaled through the nose, and it can burn the lining of the respiratory track. However, it proves to be a panacea when infused into the human body in low concentrations by other means. Ozone therapy is very effective in curing or reversing a wide variety of diseases and conditions. In many diseases, ozone therapy works synergistically with EDTA chelation therapy. More

ICIM Scrapbook: Learn our history
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What is the need for an organization like ICIM? What is ICIM's role for the future and how does it help its members? Why not learn the history of ICIM? Here is our story, from 1983 to today. More

Vitamin D: Too much can be as unhealthy as too little
Medical News Today    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Vitamin D is instrumental in helping calcium reach our bones, thus lessening the risk from falls and the risk of broken hips. Scientists know that Vitamin D deficiency is not healthy. However, new research from the University of Copenhagen now indicates that too high a level of the essential vitamin is not good either. More

Hormone replacement now a more nuanced therapy
The Boston Globe    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
It has been a decade since postmenopausal women were warned off hormone replacement therapy after a large randomized trial found that the combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone caused more heart attacks and strokes than it prevented. But follow-up studies conducted have since indicated that the benefits of hormone pills outweigh the risks, at least for healthy women in their 50s who are suffering from menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. More

Fatty diets may affect brain function
Natural Standard    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
People who eat diets high in saturated fat may have an increased risk of developing memory problems, a new study reports. According to the authors, the findings suggest that healthier diets with lower levels of saturated fat may help older adults maintain good brain function and memory. More

What is the Buteyko breathing technique?
Alternative Medicine Zone    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Buteyko breathing technique refers to an alternative treatment for certain breathing disorders. The technique bases itself on the premise that a number of breathing problems that we have, could be caused by incorrect or too rapid breathing. In essence, it is a way to retrain oneself to breathe. Breath retraining is a means to control breathing and respiratory problems such as asthma. More

Steep fall in death rates among diabetics
The New York Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Death rates among people with diabetes have declined substantially in recent years, according to a survey conducted by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. The study, in the June issue of Diabetes Care, attributes the progress to advances in medical care and self-management. More
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