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ICIM "End Pain" Speakers and Schedule


Sept. 25-28, Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan

Jan. 3-10, 2015, Members Community Retreat at Maya Tulum, Mexico


ICIM is a medical association of physicians dedicated to exploring and teaching integrative treatments to help our patients. Sept. 24-28 we gather in Dearborn, Michigan, for our conference "End Pain." This newsletter is designed to prepare attendees and continue discussions of the education we provide.

ICIM awards $20,000 research grant to Dr. Lamas: Chelation therapy for diabetics
Eventbrite - End Pain

The International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) is pleased to announce that the James P. Carter Memorial Grant for EDTA Chelation Research has been awarded to Dr. Gervasio Lamas in the amount of $20,000.

Dedicated to Dr. Carter, this grant was created to inspire innovative thinkers such as Dr. Lamas to conduct further clinical research that will aim to confirm the results of the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) for treating vascular disease and diabetes.

The grant supports a pilot effort by Dr. Lamas to replicate a 1990's Danish study led by Claus Hancke, which showed that 24 of 27 diabetic patients on a waiting list for amputation were able to cancel their surgery after integrative treatment. Lamas will also examine whether the elevation of toxic metals such as lead is a possible mechanism of action.
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By ICIM 'End Pain' speaker Bruce Hulub PhD: EPA/DHA and 'silent inflammation'
Inflammation is a normal body response to injury or infection often resulting in swelling, heat, pain, or redness to the affected area for a very limited duration. On the other hand, "silent inflammation" refers to a low-grade but constant inflammatory state in the body that is often due to dietary and other lifestyle factors. If such "silent inflammation" persists and progresses, it can predispose people to a variety of chronic inflammatory conditions that affects morbidity (overall health and well-being) as well as increasing the risk of potentially threatening outcomes.
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  PERQUE Sleep Guard

PERQUE Sleep Guard is a safer, natural way to enhance restful, healing sleep by boosting the body’s own production of serotonin.Phamaceutical grade L-tryptophan in PERQUE Sleep Guard is readily converted to serotonin and other compounds needed for healthy sleep. Added transport-enhancer nutrients maximize absorption for optimum benefit. Click here to visit our website.

From ICIM 'End Pain' speaker John Humiston MD's office: More about drug and alcohol detox
NAD Brain Restoration Therapy is administered under the medical supervision of Janette, Gray M.D. and/or Tatiana Neuman, DO. The BR Protocol for addiction uses NAD Infusion Therapy and oral amino acids to eliminate cravings, minimize withdrawal and restore well-being. We support the rapid cleansing from addictive substances with minimal discomfort and the restoring health brain function for a more energetic, happier, craving free life.
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Fish Oil — Friend or Foe? Debate it in Dearborn

The fish oil debate: Great brain medicine, or just an expensive placebo?
If you compare mental health records from Japan with those from nearly all other developed countries, you'll come across a glaring distinction — Japan has one of the lowest rates of bipolar disorder in the civilized world; and the lowest among high-income countries. The question is, why?
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Prepare for ICIM lecture information about Atlas Pro Filax, which you can see demonstrated and experience yourself at ICIM
The atlas, the first cervical vertebra, not only carries the skull, but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton. AtlasPROfilax is a neuromuscular technique that focuses on the deepest layer of neck muscles — the suboccipital muscles- that surrounds and stabilizes the head joints (base of skull, atlas vertebra and axis vertebra).
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"End Pain" Speaker book of the week

'End Pain' Speaker book of the week by Jacob Teitelbaum MD: 'From Fatigued to Fantastic'
The original, best-selling guide to treating chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia — now completely revised and updated. For the more than 25 million Americans who suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other fatigue-related illnesses, there is only one best-selling guide — "From Fatigued to Fantastic." This new, completely updated third edition incorporates the latest advances in science and technology to help alleviate the baffling, often dismissed symptoms associated with severe, almost unrelenting fatigue.
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Discover the Nature-Throid® Difference
Nature-Throid® is a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to synthetic thyroid medications. Most synthetic thyroid drugs often contain only T4 hormone. Nature-Throid® contains two thyroid hormones, T4 and T3 to simulate your body’s natural processes. MORE
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By ICIM member Ross Hauser MD: Platelet rich plasma for treating joint pain
When I'm interviewing people living with pain, I always start by asking the same questions in the same order: How did your pain start? Tell me the entire story from the beginning. Where exactly is the pain, etc? Then the last question is always: "tell me very specifically how this pain impacts your quality of life?"
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By ICIM member Todd Pesek MD: Dr. Todd's greens steam sauté
Click here to learn more about the recipe.
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190 days until ICIM's Members Retreat at Maya Tulum
Eventbrite - ICIM Community Members Retreat

Three years ago the International College of Integrative Medicine went to Costa Rica and had an unforgettable experience of friendship, adventure, healing and learning. We want to do it again. Come with us this time. Just email and we can set up a payment plan.

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Connect with Chelation
Make sure your staff in your chelation program are trained and certified by ICIM! We are offering our IV Chelation Infusionest program Sept 26-28 in Dearborn, Michigan. This Facebook group is for support and discussion among participants in the ICIM Chelation IV Infusionist programs or anyone who works in an integrative chelation office.
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Will human beings soon stop bathing?
Alliance for Natural Health
And instead use pro-biotics for the skin? Meanwhile, must we try to kill every germ on us, good or bad, with triclosan? The New York Times Magazine recently ran a story about a fascinating new product, a spray called AO+ Refreshing Cosmetic Mist, from a small biotech company AOBiome. The spray contains billions of cultivated Nitrosomonas eutropha, an ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. AOBiome scientists believe these bacteria act as a kind of pro-biotic for the skin. Once applied, they become a built-in cleanser, deodorant, anti-inflammatory, and immune booster by feeding on the ammonia in our sweat.
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Lime juice and 8 other natural ways to quit smoking
Compelling reasons to stop smoking far outnumber effective ways to do so. Even with recent revelations that tobacco is contaminated with the highly carcinogenic radioisotope polonium-210, the addictive hold it maintains on millions of smokers worldwide who already know it causes premature death and cancer is far more powerful than the desire for self-preservation, it would seem. This is why effective, natural interventions for smoking cessation are so needed today and why we are excited to report on a new study involving a solution that can be found not at your local pharmacy, but at your local grocer's fruit stand.
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    Why fish oil fails: 3 invited peer-review journal articles explaining why fish oil/marine oils are harmful for the general population (Professor Brian S. Peskin, B.Sc. - M.I.T.)
Recommended by ICIM member Cathrine Waller MD: The ultimate plastic breakdown (Earth911)
Eating sesame seeds superior to Tylenol for knee arthritis (GreenMedInfo)
From Facebook friend Eric Dalton: Myoskeletal therapy — it's all in the hips (Running Times)
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