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ICIM "End Pain" Speakers and Schedule


Sept. 25-28, Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan

Jan. 3-10, 2015, Members Community Retreat at Maya Tulum, Mexico


ICIM is a medical association of physicians dedicated to exploring and teaching integrative treatments to help our patients. Sept. 24-28 we gather in Dearborn, Michigan, for our conference "End Pain." This newsletter is designed to prepare attendees and continue discussions of the education we provide.

Prepare for 'End Pain' conference speaker, Sahar Swidan: Innovative compounding Rx options in the chronic pain patient
Eventbrite - End Pain

Find out what to expect at "End Pain." Our learning objectives are online:
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  PERQUE Sleep Guard

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By ICIM member and speaker John Parks Trowbridge MD: Chelation therapy: Stepping into the next 60 years a historical commentary
Mind-body medicine, a term well known in medicine, has major roots in observations made in the 1960s by one of my lab directors at Stanford, George Solomon, MD. Intensive study of the "relaxation response," "healing touch," "acupuncture," and similar "soft science" technologies has led to widespread acceptance in the medical and lay communities.
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Prepare for John Humiston MD's 'End Pain' lecture on addiction: Mechanisms of nicotine dependence
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice
Tobacco smoking causes high rates of mortality and morbidity throughout the world. Despite the availability of smoking cessation medications, maintenance of long-term abstinence is difficult, and most individuals who attempt to quit smoking relapse. Although tobacco smoke contains many substances, researchers and policymakers agree that nicotine is a major cause of tobacco dependence. Understanding the neural substrates of nicotine dependence is essential for the development of more effective antismoking medications than those currently available.
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Prepare for Derrick Lonsdale's 'End Pain' lecture on thiamin: How thiamin function interplays with carbohydrate intake
Thiamine requirements for humans are generally expressed as absolute values per day (mg/d) or in relation to total caloric intake. Limited data are available on the relation between thiamine requirements and the intake of carbohydrates. This study was performed to investigate the influence of stepwise increases of carbohydrate intake on the status of thiamine in healthy volunteers under isocaloric conditions. During an adaptation phase of four days, the carbohydrate intake of twelve healthy volunteers (6 male, 6 female) was 55 percent of total energy intake.
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  Best Way to Sell Supplements

“Outsourcing” is more than a buzzword. Learn how it can transform your supplement sales, reduce headaches in your office and improve your bottom line. These days patients demand convenience and value, and now you can deliver without doing any of the work!

By ICIM member Elizabeth Vaughan MD: Ladies: Progesterone is your friend
Today, confusion swirls about whether supplementing natural progesterone, a hormone made by women's adrenal glands and ovaries, is safe. Some of the confusion arises from incorrect interpretation and exaggeration of the original NIH Women's Health Initiative studies. In 2002, NIH abruptly and prematurely stopped the arm of the study in which women were taking Prempro® (Premarina/conjugated equine estrogens/CEE) and Provera®/medroxyprogesterone acetate/MPA) combined.
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Prepare for Robert Rowen MD's 'End Pain' lecture on ozone
Ozone gas discovered in the mid-nineteenth century is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen in a dynamically unstable structure due to the presence of mesomeric states. Although O3 has dangerous effects, yet researchers believe it has many therapeutic effects. Ozone therapy has been utilized and heavily studied for more than a century. Its effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects.
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"Bad things happen when Telomeres get short" according to Dr. Bill Andrews, world renowned Geneticist. Short Telomere Syndromes have been linked to accelerated aging and degenerative diseases.

An advanced nutritional supplement is now available supports better health and youthful aging. Learn more. Watch video

Fish Oil — Friend or Foe? Debate it in Dearborn

Interview with Brian Peskin
On this radio segment with Professor Brian Peskin, the topic of "why cancer has physicians on the run" is discussed, as well as, how a simple plan based on new science can prevent it.
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"End Pain" Speaker book of the week

By ICIM Member David Brownstein, MD: 'Salt your way to health'
Salt is a vitally important dietary nutrient. This book will show you the remarkable healing ability of unrefined salt. It includes actual case studies. See how adding the right kind of salt to your diet can help adrenal disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fatigue, headaches, immune system function and thyroid disorders.
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Look forward to the Dearborn Inn at our "End Pain" this fall

Throwback article from ICIM, 2011: 'We loved our location at Dearborn Inn'
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155 days until ICIM's Members Retreat at Maya Tulum

Eventbrite - ICIM Community Members Retreat
"The Costa Rica trip (our last retreat) was an all-around great experience. There was time to relax and goof off, but there was quality time to interact with others and learn from them. The retreat had the very best week of food I have ever experienced."

-ICIM member Charles C. Adams, MD

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Connect with Chelation

You may have done chelation therapy for years, but there is always more to learn. Join us Thursday, Sept. 25 for our Advanced Chelation Workshop with Jim Roberts MD, Bob Waters MD, Joe Hickey MD, Jeannette Soriano MD, Jim Smith DO, Dot Merritt MD, Bruce Dooley MD and more.

Comments from another of ICIM's advanced workshops:

There is a greater spectrum of application that I realized…great overview…very positive; change in the way I use chelating agents ... increase the times per week chelation is done, if needed ... I'm excited to get home and become more assertive in my chelating practice ... this conference will change the way I practice immediately and dramatically ... increase use of CaEDTA ... increase use of chelation ... increase confidence in doing metal Detox ... too much ... I'll do it better ... I have been doing chelation since 1990s and the conference is reinvigorating…will recommend chelation for a wider variety of conditions…fine tuning of treatment ... it enhanced my knowledge ... will fine tune my practice ... greatly will enhance patient care treatment standard…introduce chelation to my practice…changing my protocols when I return- will use combination of different protocols ... generated great ideas including ideas for clinical applications and clinical research…I know more why it works...

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Practice Management

A compounding dilemma: New laws and regulations threaten compounded drugs and practitioner freedom
by Gretchen DuBeau, Esq.
If you're a physician, the federal government thinks that your prescription pad needs a cosigner. New congressional legislation — strategically named the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013, which amends current law, the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (we'll refer to it simply as "the Act") covers compounded medications and injects the FDA into the patient–physician relationship. It seems likely that, once the FDA completes its regulations concerning the new law, practitioners will be increasingly limited in what medications they can prescribe.
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Other Articles

The connection between dental and low back pain
International Center for Nutritional Research, Inc.
Walter was in his early 30s when he was referred to our office in 1993. Walter presented with low back pain that prevented him from working. Walter was treated with conventional medical therapy. He received a cortisone injection which masked the low back pain for six months. The second cortisone injection lasted only six weeks and the third one had not effect at all. Walter was scheduled for low back surgery when his brother-in-law referred him to our office.
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    Chelation therapy: Healing hearts, changing minds (Dr. Chauncey Crandall)
6 easy steps to creating a successful integrative medicine practice (Natural Medicine Journal)
Interview with ICIM member Jerry Tennant MD: Healing is voltage (Sanitas Radio)
By ICIM \'End Pain\' speaker Edward Kondrot MD: Microcurrent stimulation ( Healing the Eye and Wellness)

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