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Paradox & Controversy: Infections, Cancer Management, and Energy Medicine
Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2015

ICIM is a medical association of physicians dedicated to exploring and teaching integrative treatments to help our patients. Jan 3-10, 2015 we gather in Maya Tulum, Mexico, for our members retreat. This newsletter is designed to prepare attendees and continue discussions of the education we provide.

ICIM asks: What would you like to learn?
At ICIM we are constantly working to bring our members ground-breaking information that will change your practice of medicine. We know our members are hungry for science with creative, curious minds ready to think outside the box. We are here to serve you! What would you like to learn?
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  ReThink Health: PERQUE Integrative Health

It’s all about sustained wellness. With Health Assessment Tools; Predictive Biomarker Testing; Lymphocyte Response Assays (LRA) for Immune Tolerance; Clinically-Proven Protocols; Healthy Lifestyle Guides; and 100% Bioavailable, Active, Supplements, PERQUE Integrative Health is your personalized health solutions resource. Learn how to add years to life and life to years.

'The Pebble in the Pond: How Integrative Leadership Can Bring About Transformation'
FON Therapeutics
Duke University, home of Duke Integrative Medicine, which has long been a leader in clinical and research programs in integrative medicine, has just released "The Pebble in the Pond: How Integrative Leadership Can Bring About Transformation." This 44-page paper accompanies the formation of the Program in Integrative Health Leadership at Duke University that begins in 2015. At the heart of the program and this paper is the conviction that to lead the American health system through the transformation to a new healthcare culture will require "integrative leaders."
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Interview with ICIM member Terry Chappell: Considering the past and promise of chelation therapy
I first came across complementary integrative medicine through my wife, who was a registered nurse doing graduate work in psychiatric nursing. Her training involved Lamaze natural childbirth, doing things as naturally as possible and some nutritional support. That was my first real contact with it. I saw what you could do to relieve pain and stress by nondrug methods. I decided to learn about that. After that, my wife and I did some service in Appalachia. We found that many of the people there were suffering from pain and depression. They were prescribed pain pills and antidepressants, and were not getting anywhere. I looked for some alternatives to help them and they responded very well. They were very interested in it and got me excited about the whole process.
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  Best Way to Sell Supplements

“Outsourcing” is more than a buzzword. Learn how it can transform your supplement sales, reduce headaches in your office and improve your bottom line. These days patients demand convenience and value, and now you can deliver without doing any of the work!

Health woes to worsen due to climate change, study warns
Medical Xpress
Coupled with worldwide marches demanding action on climate change, a new study warns that rising temperatures and altered weather patterns in the United States may soon exacerbate many existing health risks. Heat stroke, cardiac arrest and other heat-related illnesses are expected to increase as the number of extremely hot days rises, said lead author Dr. Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
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By ICIM speaker Bruce Shelton MD: Where did HEEL and the Sanum (Pleo) companies go?
HEEL, which was based in Albuquerque, became involved with several lawsuits related to U.S. administrative law. Their parent company in Germany chose to make a several million dollar settlement and actually withdraw from doing business directly in the U.S., just being satisfied to service the other 59 countries they serve worldwide from their big headquarters facility in Baden Baden Germany.
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Discover the Nature-Throid® Difference
Nature-Throid® is a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to synthetic thyroid medications. Most synthetic thyroid drugs often contain only T4 hormone. Nature-Throid® contains two thyroid hormones, T4 and T3 to simulate your body’s natural processes. MORE
Ecological Formulas

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Nothing is solid: This is the world of quantum physics
Earth. We are one.
Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond a doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again. They have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the "objects" that we see. So why do we see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy?
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Help wanted
Integrative, functional medicine clinic in the Pacific Northwest has an immediate opening for an experienced MD, DO, ND, ARNP, or PA. Applicant should have at least two years of clinical experience working with chronic infections and fatigue. We offer a unique model of practice providing accessible (we take insurance), patient-centered care and utilizing integrative and functional medicine to determine the root cause of an illness. The center provides longer patient appointment times for primary care, integrative therapies, wellness services and more. Enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and great patients! We take care of our providers with good compensation, benefits and a focus on self-care for all of our staff. Send resume and cover letter to
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64 days until ICIM's Members Retreat at Maya Tulum

Why you need to go to Maya Tulum, Mexico Jan. 3-10 with ICIM
1. It is warm there and holistic and organic. Between the beach and rainforest — a quiet sanctuary with healers from around the world.
2. Because some of the smartest people in ICIM will be there ready to share ideas.
3. Because it is less expensive than going to a fancy hotel for a medical meeting. And ICIM isn't having a spring meeting.
This is it. Our chance to heal and learn.

Register for the retreat here:
Eventbrite - ICIM Community Members Retreat

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A Personal Story

ICIM member Marina Johnson
I grew up in Orange, Texas, a small town 100 miles east of Houston. I never even saw a woman doctor until I was 25 so it never occurred to me to become a doctor. Like many women in medicine, I got into medicine through another profession. In my case, it was pharmacy. While I loved pharmacy, for me it was simply the beginning of my journey to better understand the world within each of us.

I have been practicing as an endocrinologist since 1983. When I completed my medical training at UCLA and USC, I did not plan to practice other than traditional endocrinology. My focus on natural hormone replacement simply evolved from my intense curiosity about the human body. The more I have studied it, the more I am in awe of what a perfect system we have been given.

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Love Notes

"All of you have done such a great job expanding ICIM and bringing in great speakers and serving really clean food. Thanks!"
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Practice Management

Clinical relationships key to treatment of alcohol abuse
Medical Xpress
New research from the University of Adelaide highlights the complex needs of people being treated for alcohol problems, in particular the value they place on long-term relationships with trusted healthcare professionals. For the first time, researchers in the University's School of Psychology have sought to better understand the experiences of patients being treated for an "alcohol use disorder," and what they consider important to the quality of their own care.
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Integrative oncology breast cancer clinical practice guidelines published in JNCI Monographs (FON Therapeutics)
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