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We're giving away $5,000 worth of ammo...want some?

Dear responsibly armed American,

Well, the secret's out...

In honor of the USCCA reaching 85,000 members
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There are 5 grand prizes which means
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We're giving away $5,000 worth of ammo...want some?
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Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

P. S. - I couldn't be prouder that the USCCA now defends 85,000 responsibly armed Americans with the legal and financial back-up plan they need to truly protect their
loved ones. So in celebration, I'm giving 5 responsibly armed Americans
$1,000 each to buy their own personal stockpile of ammo...
5 Chances For You To Win $1,000 Of ANY Ammo You Want...

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West Bend, WI 53095


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