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March 11, 2009
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Are You Ready To Pay A Mileage Tax?
from The Daily Green
For years, opponents of suburban sprawl and those concerned about global warming have been among those arguing for a simple gas tax that would encourage fuel efficiency and create disincentives to wasteful driving. Congress, for the most part, cowered in the face of the idea, since supporting any new tax in America risks political suicide. But now, Congress appears to be coming around to a new idea: a tax on the number of miles you drive. More

Coffee Parts Plus

Government Affairs

Lawmakers Aim for More Food Safety Oversight
from Detroit Free Press
What might consumers gain from the ongoing salmonella outbreak caused by tainted peanut butter?

• Mandatory recalls of tainted food.
• Forced inspections of suspect food-processing facilities.
• Farms and restaurants required to help investigators identify the source of a food-borne illness.

They're long overdue changes, say some experts and elected officials fed up with food industry self-regulation and slow government response to outbreaks. They say there is a lack of resources to inspect, investigate and quickly whisk away bad foods, all while keeping a concerned public informed. More

Congress Introduces ‘Card Check' Bill
from NACS Connect 365 via Congressional Quarterly
Lawmakers in both the House and Senate introduced the Employee Free Choice Act this week, Congressional Quarterly reports. The so-called “card check” bill is backed by unions, which believe passage of the measure is key to their continuance. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Rep. George Miller (D-CA), chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, introduced the bills in their respective chambers. More

Corporate Social Responsibility

A Third of Global Suppliers Unaware of Climate Change Risks: CDP
One in three global suppliers believes climate change poses no risk to their operations despite the increasing amount of attention being paid to supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. Nearly three dozen companies -- including heavy hitters such as Johnson and Johnson, P&G, Johnson Controls, Boeing, Dell and PepsiCo -- called on thousands of their major suppliers to disclose emissions and reduction strategies through the Carbon Disclosure Project. More

Water Efficiency is Key to Saving Energy: Expert
from GreenerBuildings
In regions where pumping and distributing water requires significant electricity use, policies that lead to reduced water consumption could address climate change more efficiently than requiring businesses and households to use less energy, according to water expert Peter Gleick. "Some of the cheapest greenhouse gas emission reductions available seem to be not energy-efficiency programs, but water-efficiency programs," said Gleick, president of the California-based Pacific Institute, a global water research center. More

Stimulus May Get Small Wind Turbines Spinning
from CNN
The gale force of President Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus package could breathe new life into an emerging industry: small wind turbines. The bill provides a 30 percent investment tax credit to consumers who buy these turbines, which are typically used to help power homes or small businesses. Even amid a recession, this tax credit "is going to blow the top off the market," said Ron Stimmel, a "small-wind" advocate with the American Wind Energy Association. More

   Product Showcase: Follett Ice and Water Dispensers

Give your customers more than just water! Follett provides a safe, sanitary way to give your customers high quality filtered water plus the upscale amenity of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice. Ice availability can also improve the sale of other beverages. Filtered water provides an 80% cost saving over bottled water and gives your customers a "green" alternative. More

Chewblet is a registered trademark of Follett Corporation.

Small Business

As Slow Sales Stifle their Cash Flow, Companies Hunt for Ways to Protect the Bottom Line
from The Jackson Sun
When the Valspar and Sequentia plants closed last year, Chris Graham lost more than 100 customers. The owner of Graham Snack Foods, Graham supplies businesses, schools and nursing homes with vending machines offering sodas, snacks, sandwiches and other edible items. Each time a worker has his hours reduced, or worse, loses his job, Graham's customer base decreases. "If they shut the doors down, there is nothing I or the route salesman can do," Graham said, "except to improve sales and service in other accounts." More


NAMA Corporate Social Responsibility Showcase

Does your company have a success story to share relating to your efforts on sustainability, diversity or community awareness? Do your products/brands target a diverse array of customers? Is your packaging sustainable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider sharing your successes by participating in the NAMA Spring Expo CSR Showcase. Participation is FREE for all NAMA exhibitors! Click here for the official rules and application.

The Geography of a Recession

As we all know, the recession is affecting all parts of the country, but some areas are being hit much harder than others. This interesting interactive map shows the current unemployment rate and is color coded according to the percentage of unemployment in each region. You can change the map to view only metropolitan areas, rural areas, manufacturing areas, etc. NAMA hopes this map will allow you to identify areas of challenge as well as areas of opportunity. Click here for more information.

NAMA 2009 Operating Ratio Survey

The era of automatic profits for operators has come to a sudden halt. The industry has moved from trying to keep up with demand to battling on sales, expense control and every other aspect of operations. In turbulent times, financial benchmarking is more important than ever before. Participate in NAMA’s 2009 Operating Ratio Survey and receive a FREE copy of NAMA’s Operating Ratio Report. Click here for more information.

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