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Is there any such thing as good debt for a small business?
Fox Business
Debt is often associated with poor planning or being in financial straits. But for a small business, there are times when it's smart to use debt as a financing option. Knowing when is the tricky part.
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Where in the world are small business owners trusted?
Small Business Trends
Message to small business owners around the world: If you want to be loved, move to America. In the U.S., small business owners are held in high esteem. A 2010 Pew Foundation survey found that 71 percent of Americans see small business as a positive influence "on the way things are going in this country" — a larger fraction, in fact, than see religious organizations as a positive factor. In the U.S., small businesses are viewed more favorably than most institutions. However, the top ranking of small business isn’t true the world over.
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5 strategic thinking tips for small business owners
Small Business Computing
Compared to big businesses, it's easy to think that you're at a disadvantage when it comes to strategic planning. When it comes to developing a business strategy, all it takes is a common sense approach, not bells and whistles. And before you venture any further, quit believing that your size is a disadvantage. The small and nimble can often pounce on opportunities long before big lumbering companies even spot them. Here are some tips to help fire up those strategic-thinking neurons and pave the way for small business success.
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7 facts you didn't know about coffee production
The Daily Meal via Fox News
It's not often that we think exactly about how our coffee ends up in our cup, and it's a long, lengthy journey. As writer Dan Charles explains, the coffee exports from the "coffee belt" of the world help prop up many of the tropical countries, where exports of green coffee beans add up to $15 billion per year. And considering that one Arabica coffee tree produces only 1 to 1.5 pounds per year, it takes a lot of care to keep up with the demands of coffee drinkers. And the complexities of the coffee bean — and the leaf rust that's threatening to wipe out coffee farms worldwide — make coffee as interesting of a crop as any other.
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Coffee rust eradicated in Colombia's growing regions, marking a 1st for Latin America
The Huffington Post
Four coffee-growing regions in Colombia have been declared free of coffee rust, a debilitating fungus that in recent years has wreaked havoc on coffee plantations across Latin America. The breakthrough is thanks in part to Colombian institutions like Cenicafé, a research organization funded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Many plantations in the regions — Socorro, Paramo, Palmas and Valle de San Jose in Santander, Colombia — planted rust-resistant coffee plant strains developed by Cenicafé, which helped beat the fungus.
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Study: Coffee could prevent recurrence of breast cancer
Many health organizations have condemned the stimulant caffeine, which found in coffee and other foods and beverages, citing various negative side effects. However, coffee could come with one large benefit — for breast cancer patients. The findings of a new study indicate that drinking one or two cups of coffee per day could prevent breast cancer from returning.
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  Bottom Line Benefits of using GPS North America

Reduce operating expenses - including fuel costs, overtime pay, and insurance premiums, and enhance safety and reduce liability. Better measure, monitor, and manage fleet performance while increasing driver productivity and enhancing customer service. MORE

US bottled water sales totaled $11.8 billion in 2012
A new report from the International Bottled Water Association states that in 2012, overall consumption of bottled water jumped by 6.2 percent to 9.67 billion gallons, while sales increased by 6.7 percent, totaling $11.8 billion. The statistics were compiled by beverage consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corporation.
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Does drinking green tea support weight loss?
Science World Report
Green tea is a common staple among celebrities when it comes to weight loss, but is it really going to help you shed pounds? According to a recent study, actual evidence supports this theory: The extract found in the drink can be a critical compound that can help control a healthy weight or help you, in fact, lose weight, too.
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Research: 3 cups of tea a day a tonic for high blood pressure
Here is some good news to warm the cockles of all tea lovers, worldwide. Just drinking three cups of the piping hot brew a day will help to stabilize your blood pressure, say researchers.
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8 health benefits of tea
Daily News & Analysis
Studies continue to unlock the medicinal benefits of tea, which has been touted to help with everything from headaches to depression since Ancient times. Nutritionist Patricia Bannan has provided eight reasons to why we should drink tea.

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Bottled water industry group: We're reducing our environmental footprint
The bottled water industry is concerned about the environment and is taking action to protect it. Substantial reductions in plastic use and significant increases in recycling rates make bottled water packaging a "face of positive change" for Earth Day 2013, says the International Bottled Water Association.

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Tea still reigns supreme as Britain's queen of drinks
Britons drink 166 million cups of tea every day, with a cuppa still comfortably holding off the challenge of coffee, according to a recent survey. A new census of Britain's tea-drinking habits shows that 11 million gallons are drunk every day, and almost a quarter of people have five cups or more.

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Country of Origin Profile - Brazil
No country has coffee as deep into its DNA as Brazil. It is the largest producer of Arabica coffees in the world, growing more than 50 percent of the total world's supply. Brazil also is the second largest consumer of coffee. Everyone in Brazil has some connection to coffee.

Introduced in 1727, coffee cultivation is credited with initiating the Brazilian financial machine, financing the industrial revolution of the early 1900s, and laying the financial ground work that has made the Brazilian economy one of the strongest in the world.

Brazil is known as the most technologically advanced growing country with highly refined agro-business methods including mechanical harvesting, optimized plant placement, water management, and processing controls.

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US ranks No. 1 using tax code to shape corporate sustainability
Environmental Leader
The U.S. ranks No. 1 among 21 countries most actively using the tax code to influence sustainable corporate activity, reflecting the country's federal tax incentives for energy efficiency, renewable energy and green buildings, according to KPMG's first Green Tax Index. Japan, the U.K., France, South Korea and China are also among the leading countries using tax as a tool to drive corporate sustainability, according to the index. Key policy areas explored in the index include energy efficiency, water efficiency, carbon emissions, green innovations and green building.
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What will it take to change packaging recycling in the US?
The recycling rate in the U.S. has been stuck in a rut, slowly inching up year by year, a signal that any major increases will need to be spurred by major actions. Those on all sides of the issue may agree that changes need to be made to recycling systems, but a recent dustup over a trade group's position paper shows they're not seeing eye-to-eye on some ideas.
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McDonald's increases sustainability in supply chain
Business Review Canada
McDonald's USA, McDonald's Canada and their franchises announced that they are investing over $6.5 million over the next four-and-a-half years in a technical assistance program that assists roughly 13,000 coffee farmers in Central America create and process more sustainability. The Company is collaborating with top international organizations to educate small holder coffee producers to support the environmental sustainability of their farms and businesses, and increase the productivity and prosperity of their communities.
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