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Why data theft poses a big risk to small businesses
USA Today
More than half the small businesses in the U.S. say they have had a data breach. Yet, many owners don't know what to do next when private information is lost or stolen. In this guest commentary, Eric Cernak, vice president for specialty insurer Hartford Steam Boiler, a unit of Munich Re, suggests ways to prevent a breach and how to respond.
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A net loss for small businesses
The Senate will soon vote to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act, an Internet sales tax bill. If this bill passes, online retailers will be required to collect sales taxes for the state where they ship goods. Previously, stores were only required to collect sales tax on goods shipped to states where they have a physical presence, however now state governments would obtain the ability to collect an Internet sales tax from businesses headquartered outside of their respective state borders.
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Small business owners share their top tips for taking a company online
The Washington Post
What's the secret to taking a business online? During the month of April, On Small Business posed that question to small-business owners, searching for the best advice for entrepreneurs starting or taking a company online.
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Starbucks aims to recreate coffee klatch online
The Seattle Times via Richmond Times Dispatch
Back in the social-media Stone Age, about 2005, customers who yearned to interact with Starbucks could talk to a barista or read quotes on its coffee cups. Now fans interact with the world's largest coffee-shop chain without even visiting a cafe. They just log on to their favorite social-media site and there's Starbucks or Frappuccino or Starbucks Indonesia chatting away. One of the most successful brands using social media, Starbucks wins more than a popularity contest with its vast numbers of online fans. The sites have become an important way to advertise daily and, occasionally, drive huge numbers of customers into stores.
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Colombia April coffee production surges 85 percent
Colombia's coffee output surged in April as the country recovers from a spate of bad weather that hurt coffee harvests last year. Coffee output in April rose 85 percent from a year earlier to 1.07 million 60-kilogram bags. Data released Saturday by Colombia's National Federation of Coffee Growers, known as Fedecafe, showed exports climbed 64 percent in April from a year earlier to 810,000 bags.
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We are 'Connected by Coffee'
Grand Traverse Insider
Worldwide, more than a billion cups of coffee are consumed each day, yet most coffee farmers live in abject poverty. To discover how and why that could be, Aaron and Chelsea Bay Dennis, filmmakers and founders of Traverse City's Stone Hut Studios, took a 1,000-mile trip from Mexico to Nicaragua with two local coffee roasters and a small film crew to speak with coffee farmers.
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Aiming for climate change-resilient coffee in Uganda
In Uganda, a new pilot project seeks to understand the threat climate change poses to coffee, which will enable growers to enhance the crop's resilience to extreme weather events. Coffee contributes about $400 million of Uganda's total annual export revenue, directly or indirectly employing at least two million people. But coffee production, like other export crops in Uganda, is mainly rain-fed, making it vulnerable to climate variability.
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Third wave of coffee: Specialty cafes like Intelligentsia find room to grow
Chicago Tribune (Registration required)
Years after coffee purveyors led by Starbucks turned coffee drinking into a lifestyle and brewing into a near-art form, the industry continues to grow and to specialize. Far from the days of Maxwell House or Folgers in a can, more companies and cafes are selling coffee sourced from distinct regions that's been roasted in a particular way. Often they are brewed in individual servings with a pour-over technique, where no machine is used but a barista runs hot water over fresh grounds.
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Coffee-infused beers are hot
Beer and coffee have long had a working relationship. Overindulgent nights with one often lead to recuperative mornings with the other. However, Minnesota brewers and roasters are finding that their products pair nicely in the same cup.
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High tech kitchen gadgets for the tea lover
Drinking more tea can be a smart move for your health, but you get the most benefit from freshly brewed tea as opposed to bottled tea which can contain sweeteners and other additives that might be not so good for you. If you're used to drinking coffee, you probably have a coffee machine and all you have to do is add coffee and water for your daily fix — but tea can be a bit more complex to prepare, with different varieties needing to steep for different times and at different temperatures. Fortunately technology has come to the rescue with high tech tea pots that can make you the perfect cup (or pot) of tea with minimal hassle.
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Green tea benefits diabetic weight, glucose management
Food Product Design
Individuals with type 2 diabetes who consume flavonoid-rich green tea on a daily basis may experience better weight and glucose management, according to a new study published in the journal Naunyn-Schmedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology.
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Chamomile, jasmine, peppermint: A spaholic's guide to tea
The Inquirer
As the second most consumed beverage on earth after water, tea is deeply embedded in Eastern culture. In China and Japan, drinking tea has been a way of life since ancient times. Today, tea is enjoyed in a variety of ways, most of which appeal to the younger set. Several tea shops have sprung up in recent years, offering a myriad of flavors and variants. Hot or cold, plain or with luscious concoctions, tea is enjoyed in more ways than one, all year round. In the spaholic world, tea is a staple drink primarily because of its health and therapeutic benefits.
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Green and black tea extracts can lower cholesterol
Toronto NewsFIX
A new trial show that green and black tea extracts can reduce cholesterol levels in people who have high cholesterol. Previous research has suggested that green and black tea might be useful in helping improve people’s cholesterol profiles. Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center report, that capsules containing an extract of compounds from green and black tea has a dramatic cholesterol-lowering effect.
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FDA to investigate added caffeine
U,S, Food and Drug Administration
The Food and Drug Administration has announced that, in response to a trend in which caffeine is being added to a growing number of products, the agency will investigate the safety of caffeine in food products, particularly its effects on children and adolescents.

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Bottled water industry group: We're reducing our environmental footprint
The bottled water industry is concerned about the environment and is taking action to protect it. Substantial reductions in plastic use and significant increases in recycling rates make bottled water packaging a "face of positive change" for Earth Day 2013, says the International Bottled Water Association.

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8 health benefits of tea
Daily News & Analysis
Studies continue to unlock the medicinal benefits of tea, which has been touted to help with everything from headaches to depression since Ancient times. Nutritionist Patricia Bannan has provided eight reasons to why we should drink tea.

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Coffee Origin Profile — Kona, HI
Welcome to the Kona Coffee Belt, a narrow 20-mile stretch along the Mamalahoa Highway and the steep slopes of the two Big Island volcanoes, Hualalai and Mauna Loa. At the widest point it is barely a mile across, but this 20-mile stretch of rich farmland is home to about 700 small, mostly family-owned farms-farms that produce one of the most expensive and in-demand coffees in the world. These small farmers and rich volcanic soil produce approximately two million pounds of green Kona coffee beans annually.

Hawaii is the only state in the US where coffee is grown the others are Puerto Rico and Jamaica are US Territories. The British warship H.M.S. brought coffee trees to Hawaii from Brazil in 1825. Coffee was planted in Kona in 1828 or 1829. The first Arabica trees were from cuttings planted on Oahu a few years earlier.

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5 ways to communicate sustainability beyond words
Gone are the days when we used only words to tell a great story. Today, especially when communicating sustainability, we rely more on the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." Please don't get us wrong; words, statistics and data measurements are crucial to sharing a company's focus on the triple-bottom-line, but we need to use more visual and compelling elements to truly portray a commitment to sustainability. That's the only way to break through. Furthermore, effectively communicating sustainability can be a key driver in positive organizational change.
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50 shades of green
Convenience Store Decisions
The verdict is in: A growing number of customers are becoming environmentally-conscious and they prefer to spend their money at stores doing — their part to grow sustainability. Retailers across all channels are beginning to cash in on this trend — and the savings that comes from a commitment to energy efficiency — by adding unique programs from earth-friendly coffee blends to recycling initiatives and full-blown LED lighting.
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Important considerations for product stewardship legislation
Environmental Leader
Product stewardship legislation has been proposed and considered in a number of states. Legislation is often used to compel various product manufacturers and industries to participate in a qualified program. However, hurdles stand in the way of enacting laws that would be beneficial for the environment, business, communities and future generations of people who will be affected by the outcome.
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