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7 small business trends to analyze
Wausau Daily Herald
Small-business owners predominantly are occupied with the perennial issues that determine their survival: making enough money; keeping costs down; and being profitable enough to pay their bills, their employees and themselves. But the smartest entrepreneurs also know they have to pay attention to new technologies and services to stay competitive.
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5 team leadership tips for small business
Small Business Computing
Whether in the Air Force, the NFL or in business, effective team leaders bring the best out of their colleagues and accomplish the goals they set for their groups. Former Denver Broncos general manager and one-time Air Force Intelligence Officer, Ted Sundquist, is an expert in teamwork. And now, as an author, he's sharing the knowledge he's gleaned in a new book called "Taking Your Team to the Top."
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What's new on Facebook for small businesses
USA Today
Facebook, with more than 1 billion members, is by far the largest social network. Because of its size, it has become the most important first step for any small business' social-media plans. The social network regularly updates products that small businesses can use to attract customers. Beyond the "like," here's some of what's new on Facebook.
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Why coffee is called 'joe'
Say hello to Josephus Daniels, former secretary of the U.S. Navy and namesake of the proverbial cup of joe. Joe is, of course, short for Joseph. And in American English, "joe" can refer to an average guy, a soldier, or — somewhat strangely — coffee. A popular chain in New York, for instance, is called Joe the Art of Coffee. As it turns out, the use of joe as slang for coffee dates to the World War I era.
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Easy ways to update your iced coffee
The Daily Meal via Fox News
Summer's is here, so that means it's iced coffee time. But even though it's the unofficial drink of summer, it's easy to get tired of the same old iced coffee. By now you've perfected the cold-brew (or are simply content with pouring your hot coffee over ice, but we beg you, please don't do that). But there's plenty more to do with your iced coffee than a simple pour over ice.
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A great cup of coffee
The New Yorker
It's not hard to brew a great cup of coffee — at least, it shouldn't be. There are only two ingredients: coffee and water. And there are only two firm rules: these ingredients must be combined and then, sometime later, separated. (In fact, this second rule is somewhat less firm: when professionals are evaluating coffee, they typically let the grounds settle at the bottom of the cup, and use a rounded spoon to scoop small mouthfuls from near the surface.) But coffee is a finicky beverage, and small, seemingly inconsequential details of its preparation can have an outsized effect on its taste. A coffee novice can learn the basics of brewing in an hour or two, and will probably be rewarded at once: it's not difficult to taste the difference between a hand-brewed cup and something from, say, a Keurig machine. There's no such thing as a foolproof process though: even coffee professionals are forever tweaking and rethinking their brew methods, as they get better at identifying, in each cup, what went wrong and what went right.
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7 purported health benefits of drinking coffee
The Week
"Often people think of coffee just as a vehicle for caffeine," writes Dr. Rob van Dam of the Harvard School of Public Health. "But it's actually a very complex beverage," containing hundreds of different chemical compounds. Grown in more than 70 countries around the world, coffee has something of a contentious history with health experts, who have long cautioned that over-consumption may be detrimental to our health. More recent studies, however, paint a rosier picture for the Coffea plant's roasted berries (they're not actually beans), suggesting that when consumed in moderate amounts — and without heaping on the sugar and cream — the magical stuff can harbor numerous potential health benefits.
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Coffee Leaf Rust: It's coming for your morning joe
The Atlantic
The most discussed topic at the recent annual meeting of the Specialty Coffee Association of America was Coffee Leaf Rust. This pathogen — which creates a suffocating orange dust on coffee tree leaves — entered the Americas via Brazil in the 1970s without causing much of a fuss. Until now. Spurred by unusually high rainfall over the last few years, it currently threatens to ruin as much as 40 percent of the 2013-14 Central American harvest. To appreciate the potential outcome of this threat, consider that the only reason Ceylon tea exists is because Coffee Leaf Rust comprehensively destroyed the island's once lush coffee plantations in the 1860s.
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In the beverage industry, it's definitely tea's time
Los Angeles Times
Tea expert David DeCandia has spent his entire 17-year career in the shadow of coffee. At his employer, Los Angeles beverage chain Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, coffee comes first in the company name. It also takes up most of the company's processing facility in Camarillo and brings in 90 percent of the revenue. But more Americans are complaining that their coffee buzz feels like a hangover, citing concerns about over-caffeination and high prices. DeCandia is reading the tea leaves — and seeing a cultural shift toward his brew of choice.
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How green tea reduces inflammation
A compound found in green tea blocks production of an inflammatory molecule, say researchers. Green tea has long been hailed as protective against a range of diseases, from arthritis and cancer to heart disease. It may partly explain why some of these conditions are less common in cultures where green tea is part of the daily diet. Researchers in Cincinnati, have carried out experiments in human lung cells, treated with a compound — tumor necrosis factor — the triggers inflammation.
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How to grow your own coffee: It's easy, sort of
Los Angeles Times
Growing coffee isn't hard. It's the time-consuming extraction of the beans that defeats would-be backyard growers. Every season when the coffee bushes hidden in the shade of the Wattles Farm community garden in Hollywood start to produce cherries, one of the gardeners volunteers for the process of peeling the shells, removing the fleshy pulp along with the interior parchment and washing and air-drying the tiny beans within.

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FDA to investigate added caffeine
U,S, Food and Drug Administration
The Food and Drug Administration has announced that, in response to a trend in which caffeine is being added to a growing number of products, the agency will investigate the safety of caffeine in food products, particularly its effects on children and adolescents.

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Prevent kidney stones: Drink coffee but not cola?
The Boston Globe
Nearly 11 percent of men and 7 percent of women develop kidney stones at least once. While patients are usually told to drink plenty of fluids to reduce their chances of having repeat kidney stones, researchers have found that people who consume certain drinks have an increased risk of the problem.

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Drinking green tea may lower your risk of stroke
Besides providing you with additional energy, a cup of green tea may also lower your risk of having a stroke. A study conducted by Japan's National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center recently discovered that people who drink green tea on a daily basis have a lower risk of stroke than people who consume green tea rarely.
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IBWA helps promote 2013 National Hurricane Preparedness Week
International Bottled Water Association
The International Bottled Water Association is encouraging consumers to take action during National Hurricane Preparedness Week, which runs from May 26 through June 1. This highlighted week, which coincides with the start of hurricane season, is the ideal time for people to take a moment to reassess their risks and update hurricane kits and emergency plans. The recent devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma only reinforce the importance of always being prepared for unexpected and dangerous weather.
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How to choose a more sustainable tea
Care2 Healthy Living
Tea is the number two beverage in the world, second only to water. And in the U.S., Americans consume over three billion gallons of tea annually. Tea purchases have increased for 20 consecutive years, and nearly one-half of the American population drinks tea on any given day. Partly fueling this trend is the fact that large beverage companies have moved into the market due to the backlash against their sugary drinks. Products such as ready-to-drink teas and iced tea mixes have increased the number of tea drinkers. But, where does all that tea come from and will there be enough for all of these new fans?
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Sustainability matters in the battle for talent
Harvard Business Review
Employees at semiconductor-chip-maker Intel recently devised a new chemistry process that reduced chemical waste by 900,000 gallons, saving $45 million annually. Another team developed a plan to reuse and optimize networking systems in offices, which cut energy costs by $22 million. The projects produced financial and environmental benefits, of course. But just as valuable is the company's ability to energize and empower front-line employees. New data shows that sustainability is an increasingly important factor in attracting and managing talent.
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Steps towards enhancing the sustainability of packaging
Environmental Leader
Sustainable packaging encompasses multiple initiatives, including producing effective solutions with minimum resources, protecting the product, transport efficiency and effective end of life management. What's encouraging is that each of the aforementioned can be accomplished one step at a time.
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Social responsibility no longer optional for businesses
Fox Business
Selling a good product or service is no longer enough to attract today's socially conscious shoppers, new research shows. A study by public relations and marketing firm Cone Communications and Echo Research revealed corporate social responsibility is now a reputational imperative, with more than 90 percent of shoppers worldwide likely to switch to brands that support a good cause, given similar price and quality.
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