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42 tips for producing a memorable small business event
Small Business Trends
Memorable events do not just happen. Organizing and holding an event takes planning. Whether it is a conference, seminar or a customer appreciation day, and whether there is three weeks or a year to plan, event success is in the details. Here are 42 small business event planning tips from the experts, including some of the organizers of the annual Small Business Influencer Awards.
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Get more from member surveys
By Michael J. Berens
In the days before Survey Monkey and Zoomerang provided cheap, easy-to-use turnkey services, member surveys were costly, complicated affairs, requiring the talents of skilled survey writers and data analysts. Today, with so many tools available through apps, blogs, e-newsletters and social networking platforms, anyone can be a pollster. As a result, member polls have proliferated, covering everything from critical policy issues to conference name badge preferences. With so much input, associations should have a deeper understanding of their members — but do they?
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Industry Pulse: Which is more important for member surveys?


5 most important online tools for small businesses
Business 2 Community
Despite the constant changes, marketing in the online space has grown up and matured quite a bit over the past few years. There are so many different online platforms available, and new ones going on line every day. Hundreds of social networks, all sorts of marketing programs and philosophies, and it can get awfully confusing. Small business owners have to spend your money and your time wisely, while maximizing your results. So of all the options out there, which are the most important?
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6 things small businesses should do this summer
The Associated Press via Daily Herald
Most business owners understand summertime means business slows some. However, closing shop may not be the answer for businesses. Here are six ideas small business owners should consider doing to grow their business during the slow season.
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5 powerful ways leaders practice patience
Today's business climate is more complicated than ever and fueled with many unknowns. Every leader feels the pressure of generating results, building the most effective teams and creating a high-performance workplace environment to secure sustainable outcomes. At the same time, employees are tired of the uncertainty and necessity to do more with less — often causing tempers to flare and growing workplace dissatisfaction. This added pressure on employees to perform without knowing their succession plan or imminent future is not only testing their patience, but that of their leaders.
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Why the 'slow coffee' movement is gaining ground
U.S. craft coffee purveyors are getting less lonely. The segment is a small but growing slice of the $27.9 billion U.S. coffee market, which has increased in recent years at an annual average rate of 5.6 percent and is expected to reach $33.7 billion by 2018, according to research firm IBISWorld, though it does not yet separate revenues for high-end purveyors.
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Cool: 1369 now delivers iced coffee in growlers
Boston Business Journal
This summer, Cambridge, Mass., locals and workers will have the opportunity to quench their thirst with growlers full of cold-brewed iced coffee delivered by bicycle to their doorsteps. At locations in Inman and in Central Square, 1369 Coffee House brews iced coffee by soaking ground coffee in cold water. "People always told us, 'I love your iced coffee, I wish I could have it in my house,'" said Joshua Gerber, owner of 1369 Coffee House. The Cambridge coffee shop started bottling their product in half-gallon glass jugs, usually used to contain beer, and delivering them to their customers in the area.
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Coffee and cigarettes part ways in Starbucks smoking ban
Medical Daily
For many, coffee and cigarettes go together like peanut butter and jelly — only with a significantly higher rate of morbidity than the children's lunchtime favorite. But in the interest of promoting public health and a healthier image, retail coffee giant Starbucks on Saturday banned smoking within 25 feet of entrances, where local law permits. The Seattle-based chain also banned electronic smokeless cigarettes at all locations. Starbucks' new non-smoking policy took effect at all locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks battle it out for coffee supremacy in Greater Boston
The Boston Globe
If you think there are a lot of Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks stores in Greater Boston, just wait. The competition between the two chains is about to get a lot more caffeinated. The coffee titans, firmly entrenched in communities in and around Boston and fighting out it cup by cup, are vowing to expand stores and offerings in the area, although they are cagey about where, when and how.
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Steps toward enhancing the sustainability of packaging
Environmental Leader
Sustainable packaging encompasses multiple initiatives, including producing effective solutions with minimum resources, protecting the product, transport efficiency and effective end of life management. What's encouraging is that each of the aforementioned can be accomplished one step at a time.

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How to grow your own coffee: It's easy, sort of
Los Angeles Times
Growing coffee isn't hard. It's the time-consuming extraction of the beans that defeats would-be backyard growers. Every season when the coffee bushes hidden in the shade of the Wattles Farm community garden in Hollywood start to produce cherries, one of the gardeners volunteers for the process of peeling the shells, removing the fleshy pulp along with the interior parchment and washing and air-drying the tiny beans within.

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Social responsibility no longer optional for businesses
Fox Business
Selling a good product or service is no longer enough to attract today's socially conscious shoppers, new research shows. A study by public relations and marketing firm Cone Communications and Echo Research revealed corporate social responsibility is now a reputational imperative, with more than 90 percent of shoppers worldwide likely to switch to brands that support a good cause, given similar price and quality.

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Tea steeped in healthy benefits
Chicago Daily Herald
In the latte-obsessed U.S., tea is gaining ground as scientists and the public learn more about its benefits. A growing body of research suggests that the world's second-most-consumed beverage — only water is more popular — helps prevent cardiovascular disease, burn calories and ward off some types of cancer.
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Bottled water industry provides clean, safe drinking water to Oklahoma tornado victims
International Bottled Water Association
The International Bottled Water Association is working with its member bottlers to deliver critical supplies of bottled water to victims of the devastating tornadoes that recently ripped through the town of Moore, Okla. As with past disasters, IBWA member bottlers began responding immediately to provide substantial supplies of bottled water to those affected.
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Coffee makers wrestle with recyclability of single-serve pods
Waste & Recycling News
As America's culture of convenience continues to flourish, single-cup coffee makers have become increasingly popular among coffee drinkers. But beneath those expedient one-cup coffee pods lies a growing environmental problem. As consumers become more and more aware of the recyclability issue, single-serve coffee manufacturers are looking for more sustainable solutions.
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Columbian coffee farmers thrive under Nespresso sustainability plan
Environmental Date Interactive Exchange
Coffee farmers participating in a sustainability program run by Nespresso enjoy better economic and social conditions, new research suggests. The study found that in 2011, participating farmers received a net income more than 40 percent higher than those not on the scheme. This level of earning also led to greater productivity, as those on the plan were able to invest in more fertilizer and resilient coffee varieties.
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Why it's important for companies to be eco-friendly
Industrialization has opened avenues for businesses to expand and to break barriers through communication. But it has also increased the toxicity level in the environment because of pollution, water contamination, landfills, illegal logging and improper waste management. Governments of different countries, realizing the need to reduce such problems that can otherwise pose as serious health risks, have taken steps to advocate their citizens to go green.
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