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Keeping in Touch with NAMA
July 29, 2009
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What Higher Wages Mean for Small Business
from The Wall Street Journal
Many of the nation's small-business owners are about to see their labor costs rise, but that's not entirely a bad thing. Thanks to a three-tiered federal minimum wage-hike that Congress approved two years ago, starting July 24 employers are required to pay hourly workers at least $7.25 per hour. More    E-mail article

Sugar Foods

Government Affairs

Small-business Loan Defaults Rampant
from The News Journal
As the effects of the economic collapse began pouring down Main Street, the government last year was left holding a record $2.1 billion in write-offs of small-business loans it had guaranteed. Officials expect the number to rise as the nation climbs out of the recession. More    E-mail article

   Product Showcase: Snapple Teas

The Best Stuff on Earth just got better. All natural flavorful Teas from around the world. Snapple Teas use nothing but an irresistible blend of healthy green tea, tasty black tea, real sugar and filtered water. More


Exposed: Starbucks Goes Undercover
from Huffington Post
Seattle surely has more coffee shops per capita than any American city, so the arrival of another one would ordinarily not get much attention. But a newly-renovated coffee shop called 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood is attracting interest--because it's a Starbucks in disguise. More    E-mail article


Dr. Pepper

Biometric-based Vending Machine
from Crunch Gear
It’s no secret the Japanese have a penchant for vending machines (even though there are - contrary to popular belief - no machines selling panties in this country). Now Hitachi made one step forward by developing a machine that doesn’t need to be fed with coins or bills anymore. Your finger will be enough. More    E-mail article

Can Certain Foods 'Arouse' Your Brain?
from ABC News
For most of people, when they see a tempting snack like a potato chip, an area of the brain will light up with activity and send feelings of anticipation and want. And once they start eating it shuts off. But for an overeater the amygdala remains activated while eating, creating that feeling of want, even after five, 10 or even 50 chips. More    E-mail article

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Bottled Water Debate: Purely Good or an Expensive Environmental Hazard?
from Pocono Record
More money, more garbage, more controversy. The bottled water industry is booming. Consumers are spending upward of $100 billion a year on bottled water. Is it necessary? What is the cost to health and wallet? To the Earth? More    E-mail article

   Product Showcase: USA Technologies

Increase revenue, raise vend prices without losing volume, and improve profit margins with the ePort Cashless Payment System from USA Technologies. This one-stop solution includes hardware, transaction processing, online reporting, consumer services and access to Business Deployment Planning to help ensure successful implementation. Get started today with the ePort EDGE priced at only $199. More

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Featured NAMA Knowledge Source Partner

Lori Valencic, MEd, RD, LD, is one of the nation's most prominent nutritionists and a NAMA Knowledge Source Partner. She has written extensively about the subject in USA Today and dozens of other newspapers and magazines from coast to coast. Lori will consult with NAMA members and offer suggestions regarding nutrition in schools in relation to vending and foodservice issues. Contact Lori at (713) 880-8061 or email

Diedrich Coffee

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