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The Vending industry saw a 7-year high in revenues in 2016, coming in at $21.6 Billion.

But what about profits? How are rising costs in products, equipment and services affecting your efficiency and profitability?

Whether you are a vending machine maker or a vending operator, adopting state-of-the-art technology can help you tackle rising costs with improved operations and visibility.

How can you leverage the latest technology?
That's where Kii comes in.

Kii has an industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform and provides a wide spectrum of IoT solutions to Tier 1 Enterprises and Carriers worldwide. As a member of NAMA, we're bringing the power of IoT to vending, with our next generation Smart Vending solution.

Built on Kii's enterprises-grade IoT platform, our solution enables both Vending Machine Makers as well as Vending Operators to optimize their products and services.



Vending Machine Makers

  • Create smart vending machines, powered by IoT, with cloud-based remote monitoring and control for your customers.

  • Optimize machines with remote diagnostics and automatic updates for improved customer satisfaction.

  • Visibility & analytics across all customers.

Vending Operators

  • Automate, visualize, and
    vending operations from anywhere, anytime.

  • Give control to all stakeholders (operators, refillers, & technicians) with web dashboards and mobile apps.

  • Optimize service/refill runs and
    pre-kitting support for reducing


Increase revenue through remotely configured ads, improved discoverability of machines, loyalty programs, and more.


We would appreciate the opportunity to set up an initial call to review our solution to determine how Kii can be of assistance.



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The Kii Team

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