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A small business pitch investors can't refuse
The Huffington Post
What would you say about your small business if you had three minutes in front of Warren Buffett? This is a question frequently posed to participants in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. One of the key tenets of the program is creating an elevator pitch — one good enough to be delivered to one of the program's advisory board members, the Oracle of Omaha. Working on perfecting your own elevator pitch? Here are five critical elements you will need to include to get investors excited about your small business opportunity.
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The ABCs of 'hire tough, manage easy'
By Mel Kleiman
When you make it a practice to "hire tough," everything else gets easier. "Hire tough" managers know exactly who they're looking for and refuse to lower their standards. They cover all the bases — from A to Z — and create a win/win situation for employee and employer alike.
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Tips to help small business owners avoid a burglary
Small business owners are frequently the victims of thefts that can account for a significant amount of loss in both property and profits. The security professionals at created a list of tips that can help business owners prevent theft.
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10 marketing tips for small businesses
Business 2 Community
Let's face it, running a small business isn't easy — with so much to do and often with limited resources, marketing your business effectively can often be overlooked. These top 10 marketing tips will help you to keep your marketing on track and will ensure your activities are strategically driven and as a result, much more effective!
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5 reasons every employer needs an employee handbook
By D. Albert Brannen
The days of believing that a handbook can cause more harm than good are long gone. In today's business environment, a handbook serves both as a sword to carve out your legal rights, as well as a shield to protect them. A handbook sets expectations, encourages employees to behave in certain ways, helps ensure employees are treated consistently, publicizes employee benefits and helps win unemployment claims and lawsuits. These are just a few of the reasons why every employer, regardless of the number of employees, should have one.
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Here's who benefits from falling coffee costs
Coffee futures may have gotten roasted over the past two years, but don't expect to pay less for your morning latte. Instead, the drop is seen as a boon for coffee sellers like Starbucks and Green Mountain. Since hitting a high in May 2011, coffee futures have lost almost two-thirds of their value. In fact, the futures recently hit a four-year low of $1.15 a pound. Largely to blame has been Brazil. The world's biggest coffee producer and exporter, Brazil produced a record crop in 2012. While the harvest is expected to be slightly down this year, it is still expected to be very large, and another record is expected in 2014.
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ICO reports lowest coffee prices in four years for August 2013
The International Coffee Organization reports that coffee prices continued to slide in August, despite a brief bounce at the beginning of the month, in its August Coffee Market Report. The monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price dropped to its lowest level in nearly four years, as did the monthly averages of the three Arabica group indicators.
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How your iPhone can help you find the best coffee
USA Today
Once you taste a good cup of coffee, you will most certainly want to find it again. Remembering your own favorite coffee recipe is hard enough, but try remembering it for someone else, or a whole group of people; forget it. Fortunately there are several apps that can help you manage your coffee addiction. Buying, browsing or brewing, the following guide will help turn any iPad or iPhone into your own personal barista.
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RealCup™: Perfection in a Cup!
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American made battery powered stair climbing hand truck. Users prefer the LTA6512E model - 1500 lb lift capacity - maximum lift height - 41 inches.

The best coffee roasters in the US right now
Complex City Guide
Over the past few decades, the way America thinks about coffee has changed dramatically. Just as the rest of the food and beverage world has seen a shift away from high-volume, low-quality production and toward local, deliberately crafted options, coffee has evolved from its days as little more than brown diner sludge. Today, we’re living in the best era ever for quality coffee.
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Climate change dries up India tea production
Along with waning taste, the Assam tea industry is grappling with diminishing production and reduced prices. High hills and abundant rainfall made Assam state in India's northeast the largest tea-producing region in the world. Now experts say the "ideal climate" has changed — soaring temperatures and fickle rain are choking the once-flourishing plantation industry.
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Brazil studies importing coffee to expand roasted blend exports
Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer and exporter, is considering allowing imports of the commodity to help improve the blends roasted in the country. Brazil wants to boost exports of roasted blends, while reducing the sale of green beans and start importing coffee from countries such as Colombia to blend with its own beans, Trade Minister Fernando Pimentel said.

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5 reasons why you should switch to tea from coffee
There's nothing better than flipping pages and sipping tea with the frosty window near you, looking out into the mist. But surely coffee is just as good? Coffee comes with its own colorful sun-ripened berries and the promise of bright-eyed energy. But recent reports suggest that tea might be much better for you in the long run. Here are some reasons you might want to make the switch.

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Central American coffee farmers fear ruin from rust fungus
Central American coffee industry officials say the region's Arabica crop is weathering an outbreak of leaf-rust fungus, but try telling that to small-hold farmers like Graciela Alvarenga.

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Tea stains find new use as antibacterial coating
Chemistry World
U.S. researchers have discovered a simple way to make coatings with antibacterial and antioxidant properties using polyphenols found in green tea, red wine and cacao. The bioinspired approach could allow for many applications, including antibacterial coatings for medical instruments and implants, food packaging and processing, and water purification membranes.
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Used coffee grounds could help create clean, cheap fuel
A large percentage of people turn to coffee for energy to start their day, but new research suggests that the caffeinated beverage could also serve as fuel to power automobiles and appliances. Yang Liu of the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science and colleagues report that an ingredient in old coffee grounds could be converted into energy sources, including biodiesel and activated carbon, through a three-step process.
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USA Technologies

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Birds protect coffee crop
Scientific American
The yellow warbler may not pull a perfect latte, but it turns out it's a friend to coffee drinkers all the same. Research in Costa Rica shows that hungry warblers and other birds significantly reduce damage by a devastating coffee pest, the coffee berry borer beetle. A study found that insectivorous birds cut infestations by the beetle Hypothenemus hampei by about half, saving a medium-sized coffee farm up to $9,400 over a year's harvest — roughly equal to Costa Rica's average per-capita income.
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Coffee or tea? Something hiding in your trash could help save both from climate change
Think Progress
To adapt to the changing climate, tea experts recommend increasing the shading in tea plantations, using organic manure and changing traditional watering systems. Some also recommend switching to hardier, more climate-resistant tea breeds. But mitigating climate change can also part of the solution. And this is where coffee grounds could come in.
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