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How to get an early start on 2014 taxes
Upstart Business Journal
Owning a small business carries a tremendous amount of responsibility. Marketing, raising funds, acquiring customers, and maximizing revenue are all vital to your survival. The last thing you want, then, is to have to turn your attention away from those facets of your company every April simply to focus on your taxes. Instead, do what you can throughout the course of the year to effectively prepare your business for tax season. If you want to avoid that mid-April crunch, try these tips.
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10 tips for reputation and crisis management in the digital world
In life, and in business, reputation is everything. That said, reputation is very fragile and it only takes one mistake to cause irreparable damage to your company’s image. This is especially true in the digital world where radical transparency and high customer expectations reign supreme. Ignoring strong public digital voices isn't an option any more. Companies have to learn to not only communicate effectively in the social media age, but to truly listen to the social chatter and respond in the way that align with both brand and customer expectations. Here are some of the ways to avoid social media disasters, prevent them from escalating or handle things if everything goes sideways.
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Who cares about 'likes' anyway?
By Jeffrey Dobkin
The answer is no one. Do you have a big "like" button wasting space on your website? Do you send visitors unimportant requests to "like" you, instead of valuable requests such asking for referrals? I guess you see where this is heading. What's the value of a like? Not much, really. When likes started, they seemed to be such a great idea: Google and other data collection sites could measure your popularity. The more likes, the more popular. So what happened?
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Grow your small business the right way: Focus your strategy
To create a business capable of blossoming for years, you'll have to prune it from time to time. Working with customers or offering products that can't achieve healthy profit margins can sap time and stifle growth, says Nat Wasserstein, managing director of Lindenwood Associates, which helps turn around small and midsize businesses. So thin out ventures and customers that bleed your energy.
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  Little Debbie's Bakery Fresh Pastries

All Little Debbie products are now available as pre-ordered bakery fresh pastry with your vend distributor. This includes Mini Donuts, Zebra Cakes and Swiss Rolls. Distributors may also be stocking top-sellers like the Oatmeal Cream Pie and Nutty Bar. Call your distributor today to place your order (or pre-order) for Little Debbie snack cakes.

Top tips for pitching your business
The Guardian
Pitching to new clients or investors is critical to any growing business. Yet it is becoming a more complex, scientific and sophisticated art. Briefs are thicker, diligence is more thorough and bids are now closely analyzed for quality, deliverability — what you'll actually be doing — and cost. There are often more people on panels, too. So preparation and rehearsal are what it's all about.
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  Don't Be Limited By Paper

You've known us for our award-winning GPS Tracking services. Now we offer Paperless Forms. Perfect together. Capture signatures • Scan barcodes • Add location or date/time stamps Capture images or videos • Make voice recordings • Email completed forms Enter text or numeric data • Integrates with back-end office systems Works on any mobile platform • No duplicate data entries • Learn more



Starbucks to pay $2.79 billion to end bagged-coffee dispute
Bloomberg Businessweek
Starbucks Corp. said it would pay Mondelez International Inc. $2.79 billion to settle a dispute over distribution in the coffee-shop chain's bagged-coffee unit, as grocery-store sales become a growing part of the business. The payment, ordered by an arbitrator, consists of $2.23 billion in damages and $557 million in interest and attorneys' fees, Seattle-based Starbucks said in a filing. The company said it has adequate cash and borrowing capacity to fund the payment and will book it as a charge to its fiscal 2013 operating expenses.
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RealCup™: Perfection in a Cup!
Introducing RealCup™ Single Serve Coffees and Teas. With a unique filter design that offers full flavor. K-Cup® compatible*. Please call 1-800-387-9398 for more information.

* Mother Parkers and RealCup™ have no affiliation with K-Cup® or Keurig Incorporated. K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig Incorporated.
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Green Mountain to buy more coffee despite fungal attack
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc, the world's biggest fair-trade coffee buyer, expects to purchase about a fifth more coffee during the new fiscal year, up from 180 million pounds last year, said a top company buyer.
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McD's looking to clean up in the coffee aisle
Advertising Age
When CEO Don Thompson speaks during his next McDonald's investor meeting, he's likely to talk about coffee — and not just what it's serving in restaurants. Shareholders are waiting to hear details about the fast feeder's foray into grocery stores. McDonald's grocery plans include selling ground and whole-bean bagged coffee, plus single-serving packages in partnership with Kraft, which has offered few specifics other than suggesting the brand will be positioned above Maxwell House but below its premium Gevalia.
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Cornell researchers seek to create a better cup of coffee
Cornell researchers are brewing up some big changes for the coffee industry. The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University recently hosted a coffee tasting and panel discussion, "From Gene to Bean to Global Scene," that tied together the science, economics, ecology, marketing and labor realities behind the world's second-most globally traded product, behind oil.
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Superior Electronics Protection for Vending

Innovolt’s proven technology guards vending machines against the damaging effects of power disturbances while simultaneously giving businesses the tools they need to predict, measure, and maximize their performance across the distributed enterprise.

Watch this 1.5 minute video to learn how Innovolt reduced IVM’s service calls by 80%.
Brewing Excellence

At Bloomfield, our innovation goes beyond brewing the perfect decanter of coffee. We build equipment that gives you consistently delicious results and makes brewing simpler, so you're able to serve your customers better. For innovation and craftsmanship in commercial beverage equipment, Bloomfield is your perfect choice!

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The benefits of coffee cupping and where to do it in NYC
The Village Voice
Thanks to the proliferation of specialty coffee shops in New York over the past 10 years — particularly transplants like Gimme! Coffee, Blue Bottle, Stumptown, Toby's Estate, and Counter Culture — what was once a relatively quick, less-than-$3 transaction has become increasingly complex (and delicious). Buying a cup of coffee might now include selecting one of myriad brewing methods, having your coffee run through a multitude of contraptions, witnessing theatrical presentations, perusing lists of beans organized by country of origin, and of course, spending more money for the final cup. However, you can start to make sense of it all when you have a few extra minutes in the café to ask questions. Or, even better, set aside 45 minutes for a cupping.
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  Make More Money Vending ICE & Water
Akoona earns more profits for your ice & water sales.

Our vending machines are compact, reliable, and priced substantially less compared to other U.S manufactured equipment.

All units come standard for vending ice, as well as purified water. 10 Year Warranty on parts & labor.
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How to make 17th century coffee in 4 easy steps
The Huffington Post
It's hard to imagine life without coffee. The stuff has an uncanny ability to slip itself into any type of meal, at any time of day, and into any type of social situation. But in spite of the fact that Americans drink about 150 billion cups of it each year, we should remind ourselves that consuming coffee is a relatively new habit. Tobacco smoking has been around for thousands of years. Making opium is virtually a Stone Age technology. Drinking coffee, by contrast, is only one thousand years old.
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Tips for brewing better coffee
The Week
Brewing great coffee at home is no magic feat. And it certainly doesn't require six month's rent for a home espresso machine, either. It just takes a few key elements to make a game-changing cup of coffee in your very own kitchen. Here are a few tricks of the trade that will help.

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Farm takes steps to control coffee berry borer
The Associated Press via Star Advertiser
A Hilo farmer is taking steps to halt the spread of coffee berry borers. Troy Keolanui said transparency is the best way to keep the pest, which can cut coffee crop yields by 80 to 90 percent, from spreading to other east Hawaii orchards. The beetle has damaged crops in Kona and Kau. Hawaii Department of Agriculture officials recently said the invasive African beetle had been found on an Amauulu-area farm. Department officials declined to say where, citing a desire to encourage farmers to seek help if they suspected an infestation.

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How much water actually goes into making a bottle of water?
Environmental activists have long claimed that bottled water is wasteful. Usually, they point to the roughly 50 billion (mostly plastic) bottles we throw away every year. The International Bottled Water Association, ever sensitive to criticism that it's wasting precious resources, has commissioned its first ever study to figure out how much water goes into producing one liter.

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Hate water? You're missing key health benefits
San Jos Mercury News
It can help you lose weight. It can increase mental clarity. And when you drink enough, it can promote energy and stamina. Plain water is having what appears to be its moment in the spotlight. With the ongoing debate about sugary sodas in the news and Michelle Obama's recently launched Drink Up campaign, more people are talking about H20. The first lady's timing is good: By the end of this decade, if not sooner, sales of bottled water — plain and fizzy — are expected to surpass those of carbonated soft drinks, according to the Beverage Marketing Corp. The shift is the result of many factors, including innovations in bottling technology that have helped lower the price of water. If the estimated drinking of water from the tap is included, water consumption actually began exceeding soda consumption about 2008, according to the report.
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5 reasons to start drinking green tea today
Authint Mail
Fit celebrities and nutritionists alike will tell you that green tea is a vital part of a healthy diet. Ever wondered what makes this beverage such a big hit? For starters, a cup of green tea contains as little as 2 calories which makes it ideal for weight-watchers. Check out some other reasons to start with your green cuppa today.
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is USAT’s prepaid and loyalty program designed specifically for vending. Integrating seamlessly with ePort services, it brings More CUSTOMERS. More LOYALTY and More OPPORTUNITIES!
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Corporate social responsibility: The key to attracting and retaining top talent
As corporations recognize the link between CSR and sustainability, opportunities arise for socially conscious leaders to change the world from the inside out. Up-and-coming leaders today are looking for more than a good salary — they're searching for meaning in their day-to-day work and they tie their personal values more closely to their career than previous generations.
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Brewing a fair trade
Volume One
In the uber-caffeinated world of coffee, dozens of buzzwords, like "organic," "local" and "fair-trade" exist. But, the local Farmer to Farmer project has thrown a new one into the mix by being one of the first non-profit coffee companies in the U.S. The Farmer to Farmer program was started 30 years ago as a way for Wisconsin farmers to make connections and friends with farmers in Guatemala and Honduras.
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