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Histotechnology Professionals Day — March 10 — #histoday
Our annual celebration of Histotechnology professionals is less than one month away! We are so excited to recognize all of the hard work you do each and every day. Take a look on the NSH website for upcoming contests and order Histotechnology Professionals Day items for your lab today. This year we have a new beautiful stain available to order on t-shirts, water bottles and a candy bar! We also have other fun items including coasters, badge holders and more. Order online or mail in this form!
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Can mobile health streamline the clinical trial workflow?
HIT Consultant
While we tap away on our mobile devices, the health care industry continues to hone in on the untapped potential of connecting to the millions of users that hold them. The latest area calling for a mobile movement: clinical trials. The growing consensus: the time to clean up the clinical trial work flow has come — and mobile-driven solutions are the tools to get it done.
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  GBI Cost Effective Products

GBI Labs produces the largest selection of secondary detection kits, from single to multiple detection kits, with wide range host species. We provide FREE samples to 1st time users. Staining with our kits results in similar or better sensitivity than other detection kits on the market with 20%-30% cost less.

Fraudulent clinical trials known to FDA 'hidden from journals and public'
Medical News Today
A trawl of internal documents held by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has revealed official action due to "significant departures from good clinical practice" against a total of 57 clinical trials, including 22 affected by "falsification" — yet a parallel search of the published study reports finds no mention of these grave concerns being made public.
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How lab animal health standards are evolving
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Health standards have always played a critical role in the use of research lab animals. Evolving industry needs and advancements in research and the animals that support it have made health standards a more prominent consideration. The complexity of biomedical research and the sophistication of animal models make selecting and maintaining models at the right health standard essential.
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Partnership of Illumina and bioMérieux proposes epidemiology service to provide hospitals and public health officials 'out-of-the-box' genomic pathogen solutions
Dark Daily
A partnership of San Diego-based genome sequencing company Illumina, and the French multinational, in vitro diagnostics company bioMérieux, plans to launch a next-generation sequencing epidemiology service that will allow microbiologists to rapidly identify strains that threaten hospital inpatients and public health, according to a press release distributed by the Illumina-bioMérieux team.
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'Virtual' recruitment roundtable: Best practices for clinical trial engagement, retention
Clinical Leader
When it comes to patient enrollment and retention, engagement is key. However, keeping a clinical trial moving forward smoothly and keeping patients happy is a daunting, but necessary task. Clinical Leader's recruit experts provide some best practices that can be used to ensure prospective and enrolled patients and their caregivers remain informed and active participants in the clinical trial space.
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AutoSection® - Microtome with a Brian

Conserve tissue and provides reproducible sections for advanced staining

  • Automatically aligns blocks to the blade in seconds
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  • Hassle Free Block Storage Cabinet

    Avantik Biogroup is proud to introduce another Customer Requested Quality Innovation for Histology...the Avantik Biogroup Block Storage Cabinet! We introduced Hassle-Free Drawer Technology with Interlocking Stackability and More Clearance between the top of the blocks and the drawers to achieve the industry's first Jam-Free, Hassle-Free Block Storage Cabinet!
    Baptist Health School of Histotechnology

    The Baptist Health School of Histotechnology has an one-year online program that may be the program for you! A non-residential student must have access to an accredited Histology lab and completed 1080 hours of Histology lab experience prior to starting the program. Classes begin in July each year, so call today!

    'Top 10 Clinical Trial Failures of 2014'
    Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
    Biopharmas spend millions, or billions, to develop new drugs, yet the consequences of failure in mid- to late-stage clinical trials can go beyond the R&D budget. Numerous aftermaths of trial failure can be seen in this year's "Top 10 Clinical Trial Failures of 2014." Six of the 10 saw immediate pushback from investors, in the form of sharp one-day declines in their stock per-share prices. Three of the 10 saw a halt to development in the indication that touched off a trial failure. One saw its entire clinical development program halted, resulting in its developer taking a charge against earnings. And for two candidates on this year's list, trial failures sparked company restructurings that included elimination of jobs.
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    Human 'Organs-on-Chips' as replacements for animal testing
    By Jessica Taylor
    Wyss Institutes Founding Director Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D., kicked off SLAS2015 by focusing on the engineering of human "Organs-on-Chips" to a filled room of SLAS attendees Feb. 9. Researchers, along with Ingber, have created this innovative technology. Organs-on-a-Chip is a cell culture device — crystal clear with flexible polymers and the size of a computer memory stick — that contains hollow channels lined by living cells, and tissues that imitate human cellular response far more effectively and realistically than Petri dish cultures.
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    Egypt researchers claim to treat cancer with gold
    World Bulletin
    An Egyptian research team has announced the success of animal testing for an experimental cancer treatment that uses gold nanoparticles. They said that all the animals treated with the nanoparticles had recovered from cancer in its early stages.
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    Clinical trials need a multilateral effort
    Minnesota Daily
    For many years, medical advancements have faced myriad of moral dilemmas. Perhaps one of the most important ones is the ethicality of human trials — not that they happen at all, but rather how they happen, who the subjects are and whether they're in accordance with an appropriate timeline. Recently, a large clinical study testing new HIV-prevention methods throughout Africa failed.
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