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Need to see your proteins in a wide range of tumour samples?

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High-throughput histology

To rapidly and cost effectively analyze your proteins in multiple tumour samples, a tissue array produced from good quality tissue and rigorously tested to ensure low core loss can be a huge timesaver.

Accelerate your research using our high-quality, ready-to-use tissue microarrays (TMAs) constructed from a broad range of tissue types.

  • Homogenous samples with consistent morphology
  • High core retention rates
  • Freshly produced to maximize protein detection

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Identifying cellular components and multiple markers

Enhance the characterization of your tissue sections by visualizing specific cellular or tissue components or suspected pathogens using our special stain kits. Microwave protocols can be used for faster staining.

  • Fontana-Masson (Melanin Stain) (ab150669) - stains melanin and argentaffin granules
  • Oil Red O Stain Kit (ab150678) - stains lipids and fat
  • Picro Sirius Red Stain Kit (Connective Tissue Stain) (ab150681) - stains connective tissue

Interested in staining multiple markers? Register to keep up-to-date on kits we will be launching for advanced enzymatic multicolor IHC staining.

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