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Introducing new and improved IHC detection reagents to help you visualize antigens on both automated and manual platforms.

Cervical tissue stained with anti-Ki-67 antibody (rabbit), followed by POLYVIEW® PLUS HRP (anti-rabbit) reagent

Highly Trusted | Highly Cited

Enzo’s POLYVIEW® PLUS Reagents have shown a much lower false positive rate than the competitor’s reagents, allowing for confident results, every time.

Our POLYVIEW® PLUS Reagents are used for new discoveries in Alzheimer’s Research – the strong, crisp signal clearly shows positive signal where it exists.

Here is what researchers have to say about our new IHC Reagents:

"The POLYVIEW® PLUS HRP-DAB (Anti-Rabbit) kit worked very well; there was no background and the protocol is faster than many other IHC kits available commercially.
I would surely recommend it.

I was really happy with the POLYVIEW® PLUS HRP-DAB (anti-Mouse) kit too. I was previously using an anti-mouse IHC kit from a different company which gave clean results but needed considerably longer time to finish the protocol (the HRP was not directly conjugated to the secondary antibody).
I prefer the Enzo kit due to the considerably shorter time (for blocking, incubation with HRP-conjugated antibody, washes, DAB color development) required to finish the protocol with equivalent clean stainings.
- Columbia University

"We tested Enzo's POLYVIEW® IHC detection reagents and HIGHDEF® chromogens on our immunohistochemical autostainers against similar available reagents and chromogens. We found that Enzo's detection reagents and chromogens matched or exceeded what we currently used, allowing for increased sensitivity and specificity when used against both human and murine tissue."
- The Beatson Institute

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