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Epitomics IHC Antibodies
Spotlight on antibody comparisons.
EP clones



Dear NSH Member,

Has your lab benefited from the use of Rabbit Monoclonals?

Epitomics is the original source of rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RabMAbs®) which offer improved qualities when compared with mouse monoclonals including picomolar affinity, high specificity, and excellent IHC staining.

To illustrate the potential of RabMAbs, we conducted a series of comparison studies. View a sample assessment below or additional third party comparisons.

Antibody Comparison Studies

Epitomics’ CD31 (EP78) was applied to colon tissue in a side-by-side assessment with an alternate vendor’s mouse antibody product using the recommended dilution factor.

Conclusion: EP78 shows more intensive staining compared to mouse clone JC70 in human gastric cancer.*

Click for additional comparisons.

You can also view third party comparisons and assessments including optimally staining MSH6, CD99, and CK19 here.

* DISCLAIMER: Epitomics comparisons results above were obtained using the vendor's recommended dilution factor. Results may vary depending on the protocol and degree of optimization.



EP Clones are generated using our patented RabMAb technology and have been validated for IHC use, offering superior binding affinity and specificity.  Fully validated, ideal for FFPE tissues.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or our IVD field representatives at any time.

Best regards,

Howard S. Hwang
IVD Product Consultant
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