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Epitomics IHC Antibodies
EP clones

Epitomics IHC Antibodies Show Optimal Staining in an Independent Assessment

In a study conducted by NordiQC, based out of Denmark, the following Epitomics antibodies displayed near perfect staining in all tissues tested.

MSH6 (EP49)   CD99 (EP8)   CK8 (EP17)   CK19 (EP72)


Tissue: Tonsil






Tissue: Tonsil

* - image courtesy of NordiQC        
- Optimal staining        
NordiQC defines Optimal staining as: considered perfect or close to perfect in all of the included tissues.



EP ClonesTM are generated using our patented RabMAb® technology and have been validated for IHC use. Epitomics now has over 150 EP Clone antibodies in 16 Disease Panels from Breast Cancer to Germ cell tumor. View our full product list here.

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