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Confidently stain mouse tissue and find tools for better IHC

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Dear Scientist,

Confident mouse tissue staining

Eliminate background when using mouse antibodies on mouse tissues with the Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) Polymer IHC kit (ab127055) - benefit from:

  • Strong staining - polymer detection system for clear results
  • Minimal background - blocking agent reduces cross reactivity
  • Easy to use - a simple and reproducible protocol

Mouse on Mouse IHC detection kit (ab127055)
EXPOSE IHC detection systems
Searching for even better IHC images?

The best tools produce the best results. Ensure publication quality images with EXPOSE IHC detection systems, benefit from a smaller detection complex offering you:

  • Greater sensitivity - increased epitope access with smaller detection complex
  • Less background in problematic tissues - a biotin-free system
  • Improved signal to noise ratio - with direct amplification
  • Choose the substrate you need: HRP/DAB, HRP/AEC or AP

DRAQ5™ nuclear stain
Other valuable tools for your research

In addition to IHC tools, discover a regularly expanding product range to support your research, including:

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