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OX40 (SP195) Immune Marker Coming November 1st!
A new sensitive antibody designed by Spring Bioscience for IHC

•A member of the TNFR-superfamily of receptors that activates NK-kappaB through its interaction with the adaptor proteins TRAF2 and TRAF5.
• Can enhance T cell survival and plays a critical role in the maintenance of an immune response.
• Naïve resting T cells are OX40 negative but activated T cells express OX40.

About Spring Bioscience:
Spring Bioscience Corporation (Spring) develops and manufactures rabbit monoclonal antibodies designed for use in IHC. Founded by scientists with a primary focus on IHC, Spring has developed a proprietary antibody menu of highly-sensitive "SP" clones that yield specificity and consistency for use in research. Spring was acquired by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. in 2007 and serves as the antibody center of excellence for Roche Tissue Diagnostics.

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