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Dramatically Reduce Autofluorescence - Risk Free!

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WITHOUT Treatment

WITH TrueVIEW™ Quencher

Human spleen sections (FFPE) stained using mouse anti-CD20 (red) and rabbit anti-Ki67 (green) primary antibodies detected with VectaFluor® Duet Kit (DK-8818). Note significant reduction of autofluorescence in the treated section (right) with retention of well-defined, specific signal in both red and green channels.
Introducing…Vector® TrueVIEW Autofluorescence Quenching Kit – the best solution yet for removing unwanted autofluorescence in tissue sections. Vectorreg; TrueVIEW uses a unique, patent-pending quenching agent to specifically bind and quench autofluorescent elements from non-lipofuscin sources, even in the most problematic tissues.

   • Specific reduction of autofluorescence
   • Improved signal-to-noise ratio
   • Easy-to-use, one-step protocol
   • Quick 5 min incubation
   • Compatibility with a wide selection of fluorophores
   • Compatibility with standard epifluorescence and confocal laser microscopes
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