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Would you Throw 1,000 CFL Bulbs into the Trash?

Mercury thermostats contain over 1,000x more mercury than a CFL bulb. Think about that every time you replace a mercury thermostat. Would you throw 1,000 CFL bulbs in the trash?



Not only is it bad for the environment, but disposing of mercury thermostats in the trash is also against the law.* Regulated as hazardous waste, failure to recycle could lead to fines up to $25,000 per violation.

As an industry-funded non-profit, Thermostat Recycling Corporation's (TRC) mercury thermostat recycling program provides an easy way for your contractors and customers to comply with state law. HVAC contracting firms with seven or more technicians are eligible to participate in TRC's program directly. Sign up your firm by 5/31/14 and TRC will provide your location a FREE reusable recycling container that holds up to 100 thermostats at a time.** Simply fill out this PDF and fax or email it to the address indicated to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Locations may then ship their recycling containers as many times as necessary at TRC's expense.

Don’t want to sign up? HVAC wholesale locations also participate in TRC’s program. Simply drop off mercury thermostats at your nearest location. And if they don’t participate in TRC's program - ask them to start. It's easy, and it's the law in many states for them to participate.

Visit to find out more.

*Disposal bans apply in the following states: CA, CT, FL, IA, IL, ME, MA, MN, NY, NH, OR, PA, RI, and VT
**New York contractors with seven or more technicians can receive one bin at no cost at any time


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