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AAAE Environmental Watch
May 20, 2009
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NASA Bags Algae, Wastewater in Bid for Aviation Fuel
from The New York Times
NASA is applying space technology to a decidedly down-to-earth effort that links the production of algae-based fuel with an inexpensive method of sewage treatment. The space agency is growing algae for biofuel in plastic bags of sewage floating in the ocean. More

Airport Building Pushes Green Limits
from Sustainable Life
They encourage people to drive cars to catch flights on airplanes — both of which emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases. So it may seem odd that construction crews are erecting what may be the world’s greenest parking garage at Portland International Airport. More

Citizen Groups Win Airport Noise Monitoring Web Site
from AVweb
Vancouver International Airport's neighboring public now has access to a new Web site that combines NAV CANADA radar data and Airport Authority noise data to geographically display aircraft noise intensity and facilitate near-immediate public comment. The system, called WebTrak, also retains historical data − meaning that people can check their clock (and calendar, up to 30 days), go online, and use the system to identify precisely which aircraft is now or was earlier the most audibly pleasant, the most annoying or anything in between. More

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   Are you ready to comply with DOT regulation 382?

WeInterpretlinked.comOver ten million people use American Sign Language. Comply with DOT Regulation 382 by making communication accessible to Deaf passengers who fly everyday. can meet the needs of your deaf passengers through our video interpreting technology. More here.

Time for Action
from WA Today
I am the first to admit that I am a relatively recent convert to the need to tackle climate change. I was inspired after meeting former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who convinced me that I could play a part in convincing others that it was time for urgent change, says legendary entrepreneur Richard Branson. Why have I so strongly set out my green ambitions for Virgin Atlantic and other parts of Virgin? More

Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport to Get Green Facelift
from Green Prophet
Not only are Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar Airlines and airports getting involved in "greening up their act." Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, one of the largest in the Middle East region, is now becoming involved in improving its environmental profile. More

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   Bradford Airport Logistics

BradfordBradford Airport Logistics is first in aviation offering cutting-edge green initiatives converting concessionaire yellow grease into alternative fuel for airport vehicles. Bradford is the global leader providing turnkey centralized receiving/distribution services for terminal-bound material. Its powerful “Airport Material Intelligence System” enhances security, streamlines operations, increases revenues, reduces costs, and adds cost-avoidance growth infrastructure. More.

Honeywell to Test Biofuel in APUs, Engines this Summer
from Aviation International News
Honeywell Aerospace is gearing up for biofuel tests on its APU aircrafts and engines this summer in a bid to stay ahead of the alternative fuel push. But this kind of testing isn't entirely foreign at the company–over the past few years it has been running military aircraft APUs and engines on jet fuel made from coal and natural gas for the U.S. Air Force. That project is now entering a second phase with biofuel tests, and Honeywell will piggyback testing of civilian engines with a mix of jatropha and algae oils from sister company UOP, which has blended various fuels for more than 100 years. More

Bombardier CSeries Designed Around Fleet Carbon Management
from Flight International via Flight Global
Carbon offsets are dismissed by some critics as an excuse for individuals and corporations to carry on with bad behavior rather than implement real change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But ask Bombardier how it views such programs and it will tell you plainly that carbon offsetting is part of a new environment-driven reality that airframers and operators are going to have to build into their business models. More

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   Miller Aviation Reclaim Services Mars Carts

Manufacturer of mobile aviation fuels reclaim carts. Specializing in the recovery of JET A, AVGAS sump fuel, and over-wing defueling of aircraft. Environmentally friendly MARS carts puts the green back in your pocket, not in the pocket of your hazmat disposal service. Visit to see how quick you can get your Return-On-Investment and start putting your money where it belongs.

AAAE Regulatory Alert !
EPA Requests Comments on Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has requested comments on the proposed rule (Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2008-0508) for mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting from large GHG emissions sources in the United States. This reporting was made mandatory by the FY2008 Consolidated Appropriations Act in order to collect accurate and comprehensive emissions data to guide future policy decisions.

The proposed rule calls for suppliers of fossil fuels or industrial greenhouse gases, manufacturers of vehicles and engines, and facilities that emit 25,000 metric tons or more of GHG emissions per year to submit annual reports to the agency. This covers approximately 85-90% of total national U.S. GHG emissions, from around 13,000 facilities. The first annual report would be submitted to EPA in 2011, for the calendar year 2010, except for vehicle and engine manufacturers, which would begin reporting for model year 2011. A majority of small businesses would fall below the 25,000 metric ton threshold and therefore not required to report their GHG emissions. After this information has been recorded, the EPA is then responsible for verifying this data. A number of airports that operate large combustion-based heating, cooling or cogeneration facilities are likely to be subject to these reporting requirements. EPA’s proposed rule would require any facilities with stationary fuel combustion sources that emit more than 25,000 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide or its greenhouse gas equivalents to report these emissions to EPA annually. Such stationary sources include boilers, stationary engines, heaters and combustion turbines that may be found on airports, especially in heating/cooling plants.

For more information on how the proposed rule will affect airports view this article prepared by John Putnam at Kaplan, Kirsch & Rockwell.

AAAE will be collecting comments to deliver to EPA on behalf of airports. Please submit your comments to Leslie Riegle by May 26th, 2009. Click here to view the proposed rule.

Please do not hesitate to contact Leslie Riegle, Director, Regulatory Affairs, with questions at 703-824-0500 x 203.

AAAE Requests Volunteers for Peer Review of Sustainability Practices
AAAE is seeking volunteers for a peer review of sustainability practices that have been identified by the Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance (SAGA). The Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance (SAGA) was formed in 2008 in order to promote the planning, implementation and monitoring of sustainability programs at airports. As a result of these coalition meetings the SAGA Planning Group has created a comprehensive draft matrix which is divided into sections which include: Activities (Planning, Design, Construction, Operations, Maintenance, and Administration), EONS (Economic Viability, Operational Efficiency, Natural Resources, and Social Responsibility) and Functional Areas (Landside, Airside, Airport-wide).

One of the goals of this group is to develop sustainability practices that can be shared in order to encourage implementation of these practices at an increased number of airports. We believe this is a unique opportunity to share best practices, and hope to finalize the matrix by the end of August, 2009. If you would like to volunteer for the review, please send a message indicating your interest to Leslie Riegle by May 22, 2009.

Environmental Meetings

August 4-7, 2009 - Chicago, IL
AAAE/O'Hare Airports Going Green Workshop

Other Upcoming AAAE Conferences

The Philadelphia International Airport invites you to make your plans now to attend the 81st Annual AAAE Conference and Exposition, scheduled for June 14-17, 2009, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! This historic city will be our host for the best airport industry conference around! The AAAE annual conference always attracts more than 2,500 airport and aviation professionals, including airport executives; airport and aviation suppliers and vendors; airline personnel, and representatives from FAA, TSA and DHS. Four days of discussions revolving around the current state of affairs of the airport industry will be supplemented by an exhibit hall with over 250 vendors ready to assist the industry in meeting its challenges with their products and services.

Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to meet with airport colleagues from around the country!

Robinson Aviation

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