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May 28, 2009
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Scientists Develop Dental Filling Using Bile Acids
from Reuters
Scientists in Canada and China have developed a hardy material using human bile acids, which they hope can be used to fill dental cavities. Dental cavities are presently plugged using either mercury or plastic, which raises worries they could be potentially toxic. More    E-mail article

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Implant Dentists Warn Tooth Loss Can Harm Your Health
from PR Web
Half of U.S. adults are missing one or more teeth. The startling rise in adults with missing teeth is becoming a serious health concern and could have significant long-term consequences, according to the American Society of Implant Dentistry. "Many patients who have lost one or more teeth believe the personal impact is strictly aesthetic, and, as a result, may not choose to replace a lost tooth," said AAID President Beverly Dunn, DDS. "However, just one missing tooth can lead to significant bone loss over time that can alter the jaw structure, cause other teeth to shift, and change the shape of your face." More    E-mail article

ADA: Health Care Reform Must Address Unmet Oral Health Needs
from American Dental Association
The American Dental Associationís health reform message to policy makers focuses on "a relatively small government investment" toward "significant improvement in the oral health of Americans." In communications with President Obama and members of Congress, the association and member dentists are telling policy makers that "more must be done to ensure that all Americans have access to quality oral health services." More    E-mail article

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New Technique for Vertical Ridge Augmentation?
from Osseo News
I have seen a new technique for augmentation of vertical height of bone on deficient alveolar ridges. You harvest autogenous bone and mix it with particulate bone graft material and/or particulate hydroxyapatite and deliver this on to the ridge. You cover with a membrane reinforced by a titanium mesh and stabilize with screws. You allow the graft to heal and then go back in to remove the titanium mesh and screws. How difficult is it to back in and remove the titanium mesh? More    E-mail article

Gene Links Gum Disease and Heart Attack Risk
from Medical News Today
Scientists in Germany have discovered a gene that links the gum disease periodontitis and increased risk of coronorary heart disease and although they don't yet fully understand the underlying mechanism of the link, they urged dentists to make sure they diagnose and treat cases of periodontitis as early as possible to minimize the risk of heart disease. More    E-mail article

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Parental Attitudes Regarding Behavior Guidance of Dental Patients with Autism
from American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
The purposes of this study were to evaluate: parentsí ability to predict dental treatment cooperation by their autistic child; behavior guidance techniques used during treatment; and parental attitudes regarding basic and advanced BGTs. More    E-mail article

Surrounding Tooth Characteristics Donít Govern Jawbone Graft Outcomes
from University of Southern California Health News
The genetics of surrounding teeth do not necessarily predict how successful a jawbone graft will be ó disputing what dentists and oral surgeons have thought about jaw grafts, according to a clinical study from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. "This will change the way we have been looking at jaw bone and periodontal tissues," said Hessam Nowzari, director of the School of Dentistryís Advanced Periodontics Program. More    E-mail article

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Phillips Introduces Sonicare for Kids
from Dental Office Magazine
Dental professionals and parents share a common goal of ensuring that children develop effective brushing habits for a lifetime of good oral health.To help meet this goal, Philips Sonicare has launched Sonicare For Kids − the first Sonicare power toothbrush for pediatric patients. More    E-mail article

Gene Therapy Appears Safe to Regenerate Gum Tissue
from University of Michigan via
Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a method of gene delivery that appears safe for regenerating tooth-supporting gum tissue ‒ a discovery that assuages one of the biggest safety concerns surrounding gene therapy research and tissue engineering. More    E-mail article

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Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia?
from Science Daily
There are several risk factors for the development of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. Low serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, for instance, have been associated with increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, depression, dental caries, osteoporosis, and periodontal disease, all of which are either considered risk factors for dementia or have preceded incidence of dementia. More    E-mail article

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Expected, not Experimental
from RDH Magazine
Here's a secret. Twenty-one years ago, I became a success story for the emerging technology known as dental implant therapy. This experience set the course for the rest of my professional career. It is said the most valuable asset we possess is our smile. It defines us, provides us our identity. More    E-mail article

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