"Members-Only" section of licensure resource page is now available

From its inception, the site has included links to historical documents, guidelines for preparing licensure acts, the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOGs) website, and a link to Reg Review. The new "members-only" page contains policy and application information for the Professional Legislative Support Fund (PLSF), forms for use in applying for funds, and a link to samples of letters that can be used as models in communicating with legislators, governors, and other government officials. These links are located at the bottom of a list that expands when clicking on "members only." Please note that this requires a separate sign-in.

It is important to understand that licensure is regulated by states and, for that reason, all efforts to initiate licensure must start at the state level. AEG, therefore, becomes involved as an organization from the local Section. The national organization, including the Licensure Committee, Executive Council, and Headquarters, is available to provide help, if requested, to support each Section. The PLSF information and forms, and the letter examples are intended to support Sections' efforts to promote new licensure, protect existing licensure laws, and protect existing geology programs and geologic practices. Licensure Committee members are available to help with preparation of letters and other documents (including assisting with assembling draft legislation), and to provide advice regarding all aspects of legislative efforts initiated by AEG Sections.

If you have any questions regarding these new pages and links, the Licensure Resource page in general, or about licensure or other legislative issues, please contact one of the Licensure Committee Co-Chairs, Ken Neal at kengneal@aol.com, or Charles Nestle at cnestle@dpw.lacounty.gov.