Know an Outstanding Student to be featured in the AEG Insider?

Professionals — do you know a super-star student you'd like to recognize? Great! Send a quick email to Serin Bussell to let her know you've got someone in mind.

That's it. No long letter needed about how wonderful they are — please save that for AEG Foundation scholarship applications. We just need to know that you know the student, that you are a Full Member of the Association, and that you think the student is an outstanding student member of the AEG. Please send Serin the student's contact information and she will take it from there.

Students: Want to have your face and a few good words about you broadcasted to the entire AEG Insider audience? No? That's silly. Of course you do! Just have your professor, adviser, supervisor, employer, or friend who is a Full Member of the Association send Serin Bussell an email to let AEG know they think you're swell. All you need is current Student Member status with AEG. Then, send Serin a picture and a brief bio of yourself, including your history with AEG, why you are a member, and any other fun personal facts or professional accomplishments and aspirations you wish to include.

For more information, please contact Serin Bussell at 303-757-2926.