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The Petro-Sonde is capable of producing an electric log without a drill hole for $200 per data point.

It works for water, mining, oil and gas in all environments down to depths of 30,000 ft.

Here is what our clients are saying:

Water Water, Everywhere!
Geoconsultants, Inc. is a consulting firm located in San Jose, California, specializing in the exploration and development of ground-water resources. We have used the Petro-Sonde electrotelluric technology provided by Geophysics International for over nine years. We have also used the technology in environmental projects, mainly involving the hydrogeologic characterization and determination of the extent of hydrocarbon contamination of aquifers from leaking underground storage tanks and pipelines.

Go get the big equipment, boys!
“Gifford-Hill & Company, Inc. has used Geophysics International Petro-Sonde at several locations during exploratory drilling for aggregates (mainly sand and gravel). Control points were provided for calibrations. I found their results to be accurate in depiction of strata depth and thickness. Depth of investigation varied from thirty (30) to fifty (50) feet.”

So, just how close is close?
“In each instance, your equipment accurately indicated the presence of oil and identified within 3' to 10' the top and base of the potential pay. These zones are currently plugged off while additional tests are conducted uphole.” (Pennzoil)

Need help seeing the subsurface?
“….we have applied this technology in our oil and gas exploration programs in attempting to resolve subsurface geological problems.” (Halliburton)*
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