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ALOA Weekly Update
Feb. 11, 2009
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For Want of Security
from Deccan Herald
In order to safeguard our houses and our valuables, proper locking system is essential. For several decades, simple locks were used to lock any building. This was followed by brass padlocks with multiple levers and row pin cylinder type locks combined with electronic locking system. For extra safety, many houses are equipped with iron bars for front and back doors. A peephole with a lens fixed to the front door and a safety chain, are also other ways of checking the strangers before letting them in. In addition, the steel grill doors are much in vogue today. More

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A Complex and Comprehensive Process-car Alarm Installation
from BigNews
The Car Alarm just senses a motion and an electric current and when it starts alarming it will detect someone tampers with your car and there by warns the intruder in a stern voice that there is an alarm set and he will be in trouble. When the car senses a repeated and a heavy shock the voice shouts at a warning at a 127 db and the siren completely sounds for 30 seconds. A complex and comprehensive process, Car alarm installation requires expertise in working with electrical systems. Systems like Car Stereos, Car Alarm System, GPS Navigation Systems are becoming very much common these days. The ability to read wiring schematics and making strong connections is an added advantage. More

Stashing the Cash at Home: Buying a Safe to Keep Your Money Safe
from New York Daily News
With banks pleading for government bailouts and stock portfolios ravaged, many New Yorkers these days say there’s a place they feel more comfortable putting their money: In a safe. According to local merchants, sales of safes have been strong citywide the past six months as a growing number of people worry about leaving their cash in banks or brokerage firms. Although the federal government now guarantees bank deposits up to $250,000, many people want a steel box with a lock on it. More

U.K.: Keep an Eye on Our Growing Surveillance Culture
Your front-page story (Lords: Rise of CCTV is threat to freedom, 6 February) paints a disappointingly one-sided picture of the use of CCTV, the DNA database and powers that can keep our streets safe and bring criminals to book. CCTV has helped to reclaim our town centres and public spaces for the law-abiding majority. It plays a key role in crime prevention and reducing the fear of crime - and CCTV footage was crucial in prosecuting those who planned suicide bombings in London on 21 July 2005. I know of no community in the country that has yet to join the crusade of some in the Conservative party for fewer CCTV cameras. Quite the reverse. More

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Small Business Owners Can Thrive by Separating Importance and Urgency
from Kansas City Star
Small business owners face incredible demands on their personal and professional time. According to a recent Reuters survey, leaders of companies with fewer than 20 employees displayed the largest work-life imbalance. Identifying and addressing your business priorities is critical to growing a healthy business operation and pursuing personal goals. More

The Best Places to Start a Small Business
from MSNBC
Looking for the best place to launch a new business during these turbulent times? Bizjournals used a six-part formula to analyze the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas, searching for the places that are most conducive to the creation and development of small businesses. More

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