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APS Physics - Weekly NewsBrief
Aug. 18, 2009
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Blasting Neutrinos Under Wisconsin May Yield Big Payoff
from The Washington Post
Scientists are playing an exotic game of pitch and catch between Illinois and Minnesota. Their catcher's mitt is solid iron, weighs 5,500 tons, and is parked in northern Minnesota in an abandoned iron mine. Full Article

Cesium Clock Faces Ytterbium Challenge
from Scientific American
National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers are developing atomic clocks based on the element ytterbium that could outclass cesium atomic clocks, which currently set the standard. Full Article

Scientists Propose Lab-grade Black Holes
from ScienceNews
One day, scientists may create the ultimate tempest in a teapot an artificial black hole in a millimeter-long gadget. Such laboratory-grade black holes may illuminate enigmatic physical properties of their wild galactic counterparts, all from the safety of a lab bench, a study to appear in Physical Review Letters suggests. Full Article

Casper the Quantum Ghost
from Science News
Casper just got upgraded from the "Friendly Ghost" to the "Quantum Ghost." In a spooky new study, researchers found telltale signs of quantum weirdness lurking in an optical trick called ghost imaging. Full Article

Late Light Reveals What Space is Made of
from NewScientist
MAGIC - the Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov Telescope - may have found evidence that the fabric of space-time is not silky smooth as Einstein and many others have presumed, but is rough, turbulent and fundamentally grainy stuff. Full Article

First Black Holes Were Lean and Mean
from ScienceNOW
Like many pioneers in new surroundings, the first black holes found scant pickings, according to new simulations that mimic conditions in the early universe. The findings have scientists puzzling over how early black holes grew into the supermassive beasts they are today without a steady diet of gas, dust, stars, and other fodder. Full Article

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Weight Loss for Batteries
from ScienceNOW
With $27 billion a year in sales, lithium-ion batteries already dominate the market for rechargeables. But there's always pressure to do better. Now researchers report that they've come up with a way to use nanotechnology to either significantly increase the energy storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries or reduce their weight while maintaining their current energy content. Full Article

Galactic Evolution: More Data, No More Answers
from Ars Technica
New results from digital sky surveys highlight more inconsistencies in our understanding of early galaxies, which, in contrast to today's galaxies, were compact and rapidly moving. Full Article

Isotope Crisis Threatens Medical Care
from ScienceNews
Within the next two weeks, the vast majority of radioactive-imaging medical tests could be delayed or replaced by less desirable procedures. The reason: temporary shutdowns of Canadian and Dutch reactors that together normally provide some 70 percent of the world's supplies of the isotope molybdenum-99 and at least 80 percent of North American supplies. Full Article


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