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APS Physics - Weekly NewsBrief
Nov. 24, 2009
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Cern Collider Achieves First Collisions
from BBC news
Engineers working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have smashed together proton beams for the first time. The step was described as a "great achievement" for those working on the giant physics experiment. The low-energy collisions came as researchers circulated two beams simultaneously in the LHC's 27km-long tunnel. Full Article

Nanoparticles Sink or Swim in Sewage
from PhysicsWorld
Scientists in the U.K. have used neutron scattering studies to develop a new way of separating silica nanoparticles from wastewater -- which could prevent millions of tons of nanoparticles entering waterways every year. Full Article

Europe Puts Brakes on Fusion Project
from Nature
The European Union (EU) is backing away from a 2018 start date for ITER, a multi-billion-euro fusion reactor under construction in the south of France. At an ITER council meeting on Nov. 18-19, which was held near the reactor's site in St Paul-lez-Durance, delegates from the EU told the project's six other member states that the start date was no longer realistic, according to a source close to the negotiations. Full Article

Revving Up Particles in the Cosmos
from ScienceNews
Some 30,000 light-years from Earth, a tiny gravitational monster is tearing material from a companion star, blasting X-rays into space and sporadically hurling out jets of radio-wave-emitting blobs at close to the speed of light. Full Article

Ultrathin, Now Ultraflat: Ripple-Free Graphene May Hold Key to Material's Mysteries
from Scientific American
Researchers have hypothesized that the ripples in graphene might hinder electron flow, but that assertion has proved difficult to test. Now, a team has reported creating ultraflat samples of graphene in which the material's ripples are suppressed. Comparing ordinary graphene with the new uncorrugated version should allow scientists to unpack the effects of graphene's roughness on its other properties. Full Article

Binary Systems Share Stardust
from Physics World
Telescopes now routinely yield detailed images of the cosmos, and in the process help unravel some of the mysteries surrounding our own existence. But one big unanswered question is how the Earth and our planetary neighbors were created from the primordial dust surrounding the young Sun. Full Article

Sculptures Inspired by Quantum Physics
from Boing Boing
The work of physicist, software designer and artist Julian Voss-Andreae lies at the intersection of science and sculpture. Last year, he created a massive metal protein sculpture linked to Leonardo's Vitruvian Man. Now, Julian has made 30 objects inspired by his former physics research area of quantum physics. Full Article

I'm in ur Atom, Probing ur Nucleus
from Ars Technica
Recent analysis of data gathered from accelerator experiments at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator looks at how the protons and neutrons are arranged in the nuclei of small atoms, and how a theory to describe such an arrangement may look. Full Article

Tuning Fork Choppers are Suitable for Long Life Dedicated Applications

Small size, lightweight
Aperture: to 10mm
One fixed frequency to 6KHz
Low power electronics
High frequency and amplitude stability
Vacuum to 10-10 Torr
Cryogenic to 200 deg C
Jitter free
Withstands shock and vibration
Used in instruments and portable systems in industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace and military applications worldwide. More info


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