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Einstein's equivalence principle states that an object in gravitational free fall is physically equivalent to an object that is accelerating in the absence of gravity. This principle lies at the heart of general relativity and has...

source: Phys.Org

One of the great, unanswered questions for space weather scientists is just what creates two gigantic donuts of radiation surrounding Earth, called the Van Allen radiation belts. Recent data from the Van Allen Probes – two nearly identical spacecraft that launched...

source: SpaceDaily

This is what a fireball looks like in space: first there’s ignition, and then a miniature sun blossoms in mid-air. It flares for a second and then fades away, exiting stage-left in a series of pulses like a ghostly jellyfish.

source: The Independent

The world's largest laser, a machine that appeared in a Star Trek movie, has attained a powerful result: It's squeezed diamond, the least compressible substance known, 50 million times harder than Earth's atmosphere presses down on us. The finding should help scientists...

source: ScienceNOW

Just as sailboats use wind pressure to propel through water, solar sails use the pressure from light radiated by the sun to move through space. Once the province of science fiction authors such as Arthur C. Clarke, solar sailing is gradually...

source: Scientific American

Giant 'G2' cloud at center of Milky Way could be falling in a continuous stream, without the spectacle astronomers were hoping for.

source: Nature News


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