Research Committee Report
Kathleen Galloway, PT, DSc, ECS
Research Committee Chair

CSM platform presentations 2017

Thursday Feb 16th from 8 AM to 10 AM

8:00 AM Karen Albaugh- Intra and Interrater reliability of wound surface area measurement over time with photo digital planimetry

8:18AM Deborah Wendland- Walking behavior of people with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy

8:35 AM James Bellew- Efficiency of NMES: Elicited force at a specific level of tolerance differs among waveforms

8:52 AM David Levine- The effects of photobiomodulation on muscle performance of the shoulder external rotators

9:09 AM Joyce Campbell- Short and long term effects of botulinum toxin on nerve and muscle function: A case series

9:26 AM David Boyce- Great toe drop following knee cruciate ligament reconstruction. A report of two cases

9:43 AM Kate Withrow-Spinal Accessory Nerve conduction recording from the upper and middle trapezius

CSM Posters:

Cheryl Adams- Electrically-elicited Quadriceps Muscle Torque: Comparison of Three Waveforms, Burst-modulated Biphasic Square-wave Pulsed Current and Two Different Burst-modulated Alternating Currents.

Elizabeth Huett - Collagenase for Wound Debridement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Retrospective Case Series

Ahmed Abdelkader - Efficacy of Polarized Light Versus Gallium-Arsenide Laser in Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

Felix Adah - The Effect of Dry Needling on Neck Pain: A Systematic Review

Robert Post - Short-Term Effect of Low-Level 830 nm Infrared Laser on Median Nerve Distal Motor Conduction Latencies in Healthy Subjects

Hsuanwei Kang - Paired Motor Unit Analyses Within and Across Motor Unit Populations in the Human Lower Leg

Kara Popovich - Virtual Reality is An Effective Non-Pharmacologic Method to Reduce Pain in Patients with Burn Injuries: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Michael Ross - Screening for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in a Physical Therapist Wound Care Practice

Eddie Traylor - Evidence Based Management of Tinea Pedis

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