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Jan. 6, 2010
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Swimming's Ryder Cup Caused a Real Splash for the Sport
from Wales Online
British swimming had been crying out for an event that would draw in thousands to watch live, get peak TV times and grab the imaginations of all sport fans. The Duel in the Pool held in Manchester just before Christmas ticked all the boxes. More    E-mail article

What You Don't Know Might Kill You
from Sports Illustrated
Last November, a month after his 32nd birthday, Rene Gonzalez moved with his wife and two young daughters from Miami to Cape Coral, a wetlands community whose canals have earned it the nickname the Little Venice of Florida. In Miami the competition in his chosen career—nutritional supplement sales—was fierce, and Cape Coral offered a less congested marketplace. He opened a small store, Just Add Muscle, in a strip mall near two gyms. Gonzalez has no background in chemistry or nutritional science. What he knows about sports supplements—those pills, powders and drinks marketed to athletes and would-be athletes—he learned from using them (initially as a chubby adolescent hoping to add muscle) and from reading articles in magazines and online. Except for his own experiences, there is nothing to suggest that he is qualified to offer advice on supplementation, let alone to design and manufacture his own line of products. Gonzalez's dream, however, is not as fanciful as it would appear. More    E-mail article

Sleep Loss May Affect Health by Curbing Exercise
From Reuters
A number of studies have linked chronic sleep deprivation to a heightened risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Now, a small study suggests that low levels of physical activity during the day may partly account for the connection. More    E-mail article

N.J. swimmer Dives Back In After Battling Eating Disorder
from New Jersey Real-Time News
The scratchy carpet burned her back as tears streaked down her gaunt cheeks. She planted her feet on the floor, clasped her hands behind her neck and curled her body into a sit-up position over and over again, trying to destroy every calorie she had consumed. Christine Maccia had eaten a piece of chocolate chip cookie cake. The 13-year-old girl couldn’t forgive herself. I'll never get my times down. More    E-mail article

Everyday Athletes Could Benefit Asthma Tests
New research from Ohio State University Medical Center suggests that a simple breathing test may help identify exercise-induced asthma, a condition that already affects millions of Americans, in millions who may not know they had the condition. Called a hyperventilation test, the evaluation can spot even the most subtle signs of asthma - typically shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing - in "everyday" athletes. More    E-mail article

Energy Gap Useful Tool for Successful Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy
from Science Daily
Americans continue to get heavier. Most weight control methods short of bariatric surgery are generally considered ineffective in preventing obesity or reducing weight. The term energy gap was coined to estimate the change in energy balance (intake and expenditure) behaviors required to achieve and sustain reduced body weight outcomes in individuals and populations. More    E-mail article

Fitness Trends for 2010: Fast, Cheap and Trendy
from Detroit Free Press
Where is fitness going in 2010? Well, people want to sweat, get it done quickly and not spend a lot of money. The American Council on Exercise announced the top 10 fitness trends for 2010 based on an annual survey of personal trainers, group fitness experts and others. The key words are "unique" and "efficient." More    E-mail article

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